5 Christmas Business Ideas that You can Start with Small Capital


By: Ana Margarita Olar | Negosentro

In the Philippines, Christmas is indeed the most wonderful time of the year. For many people, it’s the time they can take a day off to bond and celebrate with their  family. It’s also the time of giving and receiving gifts.

It is when you can have a sumptuous meal with your family. It is also when most people seem to have all the money that they want to spend. Most people are on their spending spree during this special occasion.

Here are some of the best Christmas business ideas to create:



If you have the skills in arts and crafts, why not try this Christmas business idea? You can make your own version of Christmas trees, Christmas bells, Christmas balls, and Christmas lanterns (parols).

During the “Ber” months (from September to December), people are eager to buy Christmas decorations and stuff. You can also be a retailer of these Christmas items. You can also offer different Christmas themes for a client who doesn’t know how to decorate their house.

For example, you can suggest a Blue Christmas (all items with a touch of blue), or a White Christmas (all items with a touch of white) and so on. Other items which you can retail are Christmas figurines and stuff for the manger (belen), and Santa Claus figures.


In the Philippines, Christmas and eating go together. Filipinos loved to celebrate with sumptuous dishes on their table. If you have skills in cooking, then this is a great Christmas business idea for you.

You can offer a variety of food selection, depending on the type of food that you can cook. You may offer the usual “bilao meals”. This includes pancit, spaghetti, pancit palabok, pancit malabon and Carbonara. You can also offer desserts such as leche flan, graham cake, and Maja Blanca.

You can also make sweet stuff such as cookies, biscuits, cup cakes, and puto cakes.  As Filipinos loved to please their tummy, you can never run out of food ideas to offer.


Filipinos loved to celebrate with foods. Christmas is the time for company Christmas parties, school Christmas parties, and Family reunions. If you have a higher capital, you can offer a catering business during Christmas season.


Another great Christmas business idea is to sell toys and other gift items. As ninongs and ninangs, Filipinos strives and even save money to give something to their inaanak. You can sell toys, perfumes, cosmetics, and figurines. Another thing that you can offer are giveaways for corporate events.  You can also sell personalized items.

This includes mugs, pens, pen holders, table top decors, and other stuff.


The Filipinos believe that they should wear new clothes during Christmas and New Year. So another great idea to earn this Christmas season is to meet the need for being trendy and fashionable.

Sell clothes and accessories. Aside from foods, gifts, and foods, Filipinos also loved to spend on clothes during this season.

The Philippines is known to have the longest Christmas celebration. This means you have a lot of opportunities to start a business in line with the Christmas season.

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