5 Buying Tips to Pick the Perfect Bathroom Cabinet

5 Buying Tips to Pick the Perfect Bathroom Cabinet Bathroom Ideas
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NEGOSENTRO.COM | 5 Buying Tips to Pick the Perfect Bathroom Cabinet | In bathroom redo, bathroom cabinets are widely recognized as those that bring life into it. However, choosing from the mile-long rundown of options can be an overwhelming job, especially if you’re trying to fit everything inside your small bathroom. You’ll wind up pounding unassembled versus completed cabinets, stock versus custom, over-the-toilet storage cabinet, and contemporary versus country, to name a few.

As cabinets impact the look and feel of the entire bathroom, it is necessary to go for what you like. But if the situation is, you only have limited space, then investing in an over-the-toilet cabinet will be a great solution. Here is a quick and simple guide for you to help you decide which bathroom cabinet to pick.

  • Get your style on

There are numerous cabinet styles for your remodeled bathroom as there are various colors to paint it. It is classified into three: Stand-alone vanity, bathroom cabinetry including over the toilet cabinet, built-in hampers, and linen storage, and sets of cabinets (also called suites).

When decorating your bathroom, don’t settle for less. Let your style and ideas come out and make it as you want to look like it be. An over-the-toilet cabinet can be your best option if space is very limited but still wants to look so stylish. If you are looking for a traditional yet delicately decorative and sturdy design, the Best Comfort over-the-Toilet space saver is a top pick to go. Or if you want something minimalistic, an ALLZONE 4 Tier over commode shelving cabinet is best to go as well. You must be careful, though, not to allow the looks to divert you from a definitive objective of your bathroom’s cabinets—to store your stuff. 

  • Think about the functionality 

When you’re picking new cabinets for your bathroom, step one requires considering the particular functionality you need in one cabinet. This impacts everything from how profound the cabinets will go to the doors’ swing. You likewise need to account for the foot traffic and guarantee all that will be open. 

Because of the size of the room you are working with, you’ll need to do some careful homework on precisely how you intend to utilize the space. You’ll need to get creative in discovering ways to make the cabinetry multifunctional on the off chance that you are rebuilding a smaller bathroom. You can consider going to an over-the-toilet cabinet, so saving extra space is still possible.

  • Get your work done

In reality, it is more complicated planning how to design a bathroom than a kitchen. You are working with tiny and limited space because all that you contact has either water, drainage, and electrical issues. The initial step here is to see how you will be using your space, and it’s always an individual thing to decide. So make sure to take a moment to consider how you use the room and utilize that information to assist you with choosing the best arrangement, materials, style, and so on for your new cabinetry. For instance, on the off chance that you like a two-door cabinet that comes with a shelf where you can organize all your needs, we recommend going for a Giantex Bathroom over-the-toilet storage.

  • Consider your budget

Unlike remodeling your kitchen, bathroom cabinets aren’t the most costly thing. In any case, new bathroom vanities and cabinets can cost anywhere from a few hundred dollars up to thousands. Similar to most things, you will get what you pay for. However, there are a few things you can never really offset the flow. 

Purchasing unfinished cabinets and installing and completing them yourself will let you save some cash, but it can only be backbreaking work to accomplish. Shopping online for the best deals can be a great option as well. The best tip we can advise for you is knowing and understanding first how you will use your space so that you don’t overbuy what you need and spend so much money on it. Always make sure to keep your budget as your top priority.

  • Go for timeless colors and pieces for your bathroom cabinet

In choosing your bathroom cabinets, make sure to strive to find timeless color and design. This way, you can guarantee that your cabinet will still be in trend and style even the days will pass. For most of your design decisions, here are some tips for timeliness:

Stone – This color has been used for centuries already, and it never goes out of trend, especially natural stones like marble and limestone.

White – This is a color that symbolizes cleanliness, neutral, and timelessness. With white, you can never go out of style and trend.

Vintage: If people in the past prefer to use this color, you also like to use it as well. So there is a huge chance that you will still like it in the future. Keep in mind that antiques bring so much personality and character to a room, including yours. You may enjoy mixing and matching vintage with the 21st century.


The main thing you can do all through the process toward picking your bathroom cabinets isn’t to end up being overwhelmed. Regardless of the price range, the cabinets’ functionality should be your guide. But the most important thing to consider is how small or limited your space. If this is the case, you can always choose over the toilet storage space. You can visit the Storables store to look for the best over-the-toilet cabinet.

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