40 Home Office Decor Ideas for Your Most Productive Days

40 Home Office Decor Ideas for Your Most Productive DaysHome Builders And Floor Plans Build Your Dream Nest With Perfect Planning 2020 - Negosentro

40 Home Office Decor Ideas for Your Most Productive Days | The debate’s still ON for who’s more productive — work from home staff or the employees who work from the office. While there’s no shortage of people defending both stances, a nine-month-long experiment conducted by Harvard Business Review found that people working from home were 13% more productive — all factors were kept the same except the location.

Most people working from home attributed this change to the peace and quiet at home. This means if you have a dedicated home office where you’re undisturbed, you can increase your work efficiency. Research shows that you can design your home office according to your taste and add specific decor elements to boost concentration, creativity, and productivity. 

Plants can have an incredible effect on our well-being and happiness. Greenery can make you feel fresh. It improves the air quality by removing toxins and increasing oxygen levels, thereby increasing our ability to concentrate. Himalayan salt lamps with their soft pink glow are believed to have a similar effect as they counter stress and enhance productivity.

Complement the fresh green plants with blue LED lights. Lights in the 5000 to 7000 Kelvin range are scientifically proven to make you feel alert and ready to tackle any problems. 

Similarly, it’s a good idea to paint your walls blue-green to improve your work accuracy. Give your room a color pop or create an accent wall that inspires creativity, fun, and positivity in you. You can also hang photos of nature to elevate your mood and reduce stress. 

How about creating a photo corner? You can hang images from your recent trip or create a mood board for your next adventure. It’s vital to schedule vacations for improving productivity while working from home. Besides photos, you should add decorative pieces that inspire you and help you feel good about yourself.

If you’re updating your furniture design or putting together your first home office, opt for round edge furniture to soften the decor. Curvilinear furniture has been associated with positive emotions that facilitate creativity. Choose an ergonomic chair that will support your posture and prevent aches and pains which can interfere with your performance and prevent you from utilizing your full potential.

Listening to music with work can also improve focus and dampen the outside noise. Consider investing in a smart speaker that can double as alarm and voice control for smart devices. An essential oil diffuser is another device that can make quite a difference in your productivity level. You can choose different aromas to inspire creativity, improve focus, enhance productivity and beat stress. 

Working from home can make you lose track of time and sight of your goals. If you used to rely on the scrum board, you should have a corkboard or a whiteboard in your home office to track your daily, weekly, and monthly progress. While different management software helps you and your team collaborate efficiently, the board can help you keep a tab on your performance.

You can also add motivational quotes on the board to keep yourself charged and excited for work. Got a million-dollar idea? Jot it down on the board and keep your overarching goals in front of your eyes all the time. 

What’s more motivational than the desire to achieve your goals? It can inspire you to work harder and give your top performance at all times. Creating a space that feels good to you, no matter what, is first and foremost, so take that into account when you’re setting up your home office space. For some people, less is more, and others may want to incorporate every suggestion on our list!

Your home office decor can have a substantial impact on your productivity. If you wish to design your home office for top-performance, you should read this infographic from HomeCity below!

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