4 Ways Technology Has Affected the Way Dentists Treat Patients

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Negosentro.com | 4 Ways Technology Has Affected the Way Dentists Treat Patients | Due to recent technological advancements, gone are the days when people would fear going to the dentist for their annual checkups. In the same vein, new technology has also improved the equipment the dentists use significantly and how they can make patients feel more comfortable about being treated at the dental clinic and provide the right care patients need. Though there is a number of new technology that has helped both dentists and patients alike, in this post are some of the ways technology has affected the way dentists treat their patients.

The internet

In days past, patients had to fight and jostle with other patients over who gets to be treated first. Although not as inconvenient, there was the telephone on which patients could book their appointments way ahead of time and book the specific hours they would visit the clinic. These days, thanks to the internet, many dentists have made it easy for their patients to book an appointment with them. Patients could select a date and time slot on their preferred dentist’s website, and the appointment would be all set.

Additionally, patients sometimes felt uneasy visiting their dentists’ clinics without knowing how things may go. As such, many dentists have also added FAQs to their website informing patients what happens during their visit. Thanks to the internet, patients can now check their appointments online and know the kind of care their dentists provide.

Modern easy-to-control dental chairs

Dental chairs always have had an important role in every dentist’s clinic in the patient’s treatment. Suppliers and producers of dental chairs now understand the importance of both the patient’s and dental professional’s comfort. And with this, modern dental chairs have the right equipment for the right procedure without sacrificing the patient’s comfort or the dental professional’s ergonomics. 

Dental chairs nowadays offer more tools preinstalled in their instrument panels so the dentists can extend the treatments they can offer to their patients—from simple cleaning, to filling, and to even more complex procedures like root canals and dental implants. Memory foam materials in the dental chairs ensure patients feel comfortable whether during simple 30-minute follow-up checkups or hours-long dental operations. In any dental operation, dental chairs always have an important role to play.

Fast cavity detection

Cavities are common in children, especially those who love sweets. The difficult part for dentists is finding where these cavities are. This is when kids usually feel discomfort or extreme pain because dentists tend to work more to find the cavities and get rid of them. It is an oftentimes long and excruciating process, and patients would just want to get it over and done with. Nowadays, dentists use laser diodes to detect the cavities, which is a lot faster compared to previous methods.

Cosmetic dentistry

Having chipped teeth is never a good feeling. Chipped or cracked teeth can be caused by various factors, but the effects are terrible. Your self-esteem may even be greatly affected because of this condition. The good thing is, dentists nowadays use resin to technically rebuild the damaged teeth. With resin cements, teeth restoration is even possible and make your teeth brand-new.

In worst cases as in lost teeth, dental implants are highly attractive options for people who would not opt for dentures or other substitutes. Dental implants serve as replacement tooth roots and provide a strong foundation for fixed or removable teeth made to match the patient’s natural teeth. Thanks to advancements in cosmetic dentistry, dental implants could now even be used to replace extremely damaged teeth.

Now that you know how technology has affected the way dentists treat patients, you might even have an idea how hard dentists’ jobs are. There is certainly a reason why they studied several years to get where they are today. Patients now can feel more comfortable about going to the dentist and getting their teeth checked. Due to the latest technology in dentistry, proper care for one’s oral health has been made easier and more comfortable—for both the patient and the dental professional.