4 Ways Encouraging a Healthy Lifestyle for Your Employees Improves Productivity

Healthy Lifestyle
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Negosentro.com | 4 Ways Encouraging a Healthy Lifestyle for Your Employees Improves Productivity | As a boss, it’s your job to motivate your employees to be productive at work. This could be by incentive programs or pump-up meetings, raises or quality checks. Either way, your goal is to have each one of your employees completely their tasks quickly, on time, and well.

While a lot of these tactics do work, what you may not have considered is how encouraging your employees to live healthier lifestyles outside of work might increase productivity in the workplace, as studies show that the health of your employees affects their performances. Here are a few reasons you, as a boss, should focus on the physical health of your employees to benefit the office.

  1. Obesity Affects Productivity

Unfortunately, obesity is negatively correlated with productivity in the workplace. Obesity affects all aspects of life; for example, employees who are overweight might have back problems or other ailments that lead to trouble sleeping, and they therefore might be tired and cranky when coming into work the next day. Or, their weight might be preventing them from walking around and taking breaks during the workday, and the inability to take a breather and relieve stress always leads to decreased productivity.

Therefore, it’s important to encourage healthy eating and weight loss in the workplace. You could do this though providing healthy snacks in the break room, such as apples, oranges, or carrot sticks. You could also do this by promoting various vitamins and supplements, such as Metabolic Advanced, which helps keep your metabolism in check. This metabolic advanced coupon could help you purchase the product for your office at a discounted rate, making sure everyone has access to effective weight loss tools.

  1. Exercise Makes You Happy

Of course, you aren’t going to want to take time out of the workday to exercise. However, encouraging your employees to exercise before or after work can do wonders for productivity in the office. When you exercise–be it running, walking, weight lifting, swimming, or jogging–your body releases endorphins, leading to mood boosts and overall improved mental health. With improved mental health, your employees will feel motivated and excited to take on their tasks. Plus, regular exercise will help your employees better deal with stress, something that is all too common in the workplace.

  1. Healthier Employees Take Less Sick Days

This one seems a bit obvious, though it’s easy to forget. When your employees live healthier lifestyles, exercising regularly and getting all of the vitamins and nutrients they need, they will inevitably get sick less and take less days off work; according to a study, absenteeism is about 27 percent lower for employees who take care of their minds and bodies regularly. So if you want higher office attendance, and therefore higher office productivity, it’s important to encourage your employees to prioritize health in their daily lives.

  1. Healthier Employees Reduce Healthcare Costs 

Most people get their health insurance through their employment, which means it’s beneficial for you keep your employees living well. In 2016, the CDC, or Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, published a study that connected inadequate physical activity with higher healthcare costs. Other things like smoking, high blood pressure, and obesity also increase healthcare costs. Therefore, it is beneficial for your company to keep your employees healthy, as you don’t want to be spending an avoidable amount of money on healthcare.

Keeping your employees healthy might not seem like your first priority as a boss. You have other things to worry about, and you likely struggle motivating yourself to exercise and eat well much of the time. However, healthy employees have a massive impact on workplace productivity; it’s clear that the more your employees exercise and the better they eat, the more value they are going to carry inside the office. So encourage group runs or healthy group dinners, because the more the boss sets the example, the more your employees will follow.

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