4 Vehicles That Can Transform Australia’s Construction Industry – What Does Your Business Need Now?

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Negosentro.com | 4 Vehicles That Can Transform Australia’s Construction Industry – What Does Your Business Need Now? | Australia’s construction industry is growing each year. With growth, more equipment is required. Not to mention specialised vehicles for each specific task.

For constructing sites safely and productively, plant and crane hire Melbourne construction companies can provide is a major requirement. 

Various vehicles are used to accommodate different types of construction sites. Most importantly, these vehicles evolve with the world around them to ensure construction runs smoothly and efficiently. There are four vehicles that every construction or maintenance company requires sooner or later. Which one will help you function more efficiently?

  • Backhoe Loader

A backhoe loader also known as a back actor is a machine resembling a tractor, though it has a bucket at the front used for loading materials. At the back end it has a two-part arm with a digging bucket attached at the end. 

It’s mainly designed for doing landscaping, reducing labour intensive jobs. A backhoe is perfect for:

  • Sufficiently digging holes for planting poles
  • Removing of tree stumps
  • Moving of materials
  • Digging trenches
  • Laying pipes

This is a cost-effective machine to have on your construction site. The backhoe has interchangeable fittings to attach to the loading arm, ranging from ampers to breaker, to hammer and more. Performing multiple tasks on-site, with quick mobility the backhoe loader can interchange between front and back. 

Access to most construction terrains are easy because backhoes are available in different sizes and terrain handling wheels can vary. Simply buy or rent what will suit your scenario.

Owning or hiring a backhoe loader is a valuable asset and investment for any construction site.

  • Graders

A grader, also called a motor or road grader, is a construction vehicle with a long blade used to flatten surfaces. The grading process is used most commonly for road construction or site grading for building sites. 

Graders have played a massive role in the construction industry. Though it is an expensive vehicle it’s very cost-effective thanks to the technology. 

Graders are operated by people that can multitask. Simply imagine operating up to 11 levers or joysticks to control a blade which flattens the ground perfectly while you’re driving. 

When it comes to site completion, especially on road construction, graders are well suited for site finishing and trimming alongside the road. In some cases, the operators are skilled enough to extend the blade vertically to grade a berm or pass. 

A ripper at the rear of the grader is useful for loosening ground for farming. Interchangeable parts are available for different tasks on a construction site or a farm. So, the applications are multiple, making this vehicle appropriate for various industries.

  • Mobile Crane

A mobile crane is a vehicle in the construction industry, with a cable-controlled crane mounted on it. It is hydraulic-powered and has a telescopic boom for high reach. 

Reaching remote areas, a mobile crane is useful for transporting materials to teams, saving time on manual labour. Mobile cranes are available in a vast range of models, each useful for specific tasks.  

With little to no site establishment required, a mobile crane is sufficient and cost-effective on most construction sites. With mobile cranes Melbourne construction sites run productively because the mobility of a crane saves costs as it moves materials.

Utilising crane hire Melbourne construction companies benefit from its advantages as they spend more time on the focused construction than the establishment of fixed cranes. Just remember that mobile crane safety is very important. Communication and proper training is required for the operation & use of lifting equipment. 

  • Boom Lift

A boom lift, otherwise known as a basket crane, cherry picker or hydra ladder, is a construction vehicle which is used to reach inaccessible areas high up. It effectively lifts people and equipment to desired working spaces. With sufficient strength, a boom lift can carry and hold people safely.

It’s mostly used in the maintenance industry to reach elevated equipment, for example:

  • Electrical lines
  • Telephone poles
  • Construction maintenance on road signs
  • Lighting

Mobility of a boom lift is adequate for any construction site. It’s time-saving and cost-effective because no setting up of ladders or scaffolding is required for a task like plastering, painting, electrical connections or washing of windows. 

Using a boom lift on your construction site will be advantageous to production and safety. 

Last Words: Stay Safe

Having available crane hire and crane companies Melbourne contractors rely on the latest technology in the construction industry to perform tasks more efficiently and safely. With Australia’s construction industry growing steadily it is essential for equipment to be available as well as improve. That ensures more reliability. 

But you can never ignore safety!

With all evolving vehicles introduced into the construction industry in Australia, safety measures are put in place to avoid serious injuries or property damage. Even though these measures exist, safety is still your responsibility. Adhere to the rules and remember, safety first!

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