4 Tips To Throw the Best Corporate, Summer Party

Best Corporate Summer Party
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Negosentro | 4 Tips To Throw the Best Corporate  Summer Party | Whether your company has a few hundred employees or just a handful, nothing shows them how much you appreciate them quite like a party. Summertime is the perfect season to gather your staff and their families and treat them to a celebration. Follow these four tips to throw the best corporate summer party your team has ever seen.


Nothing says “summertime” quite like a pool party! Try to find a place that has a pool to host your party at. Research local pools and waterparks. Many let you rent out the entire facility for corporate events. 

If you have a smaller number of people to accommodate, you could even host the party in your backyard. If you do not have a pool, bust out the sprinkler and water toys for the kids. However, if you have been considering building a pool, now is the time to get the ball rolling. Look online or ask around for the top pool builder in your town, such as the best pool builders in Charleston. These professionals can help bring your vision to life and not only create an amazing pool for your corporate party but also give an addition you and your family can enjoy for years to come. 


If you have a restaurant in mind, reach out to them well in advance of the party to discuss the catering options. Otherwise, research local catering companies or ask your staff if they have any suggestions. Maybe one of your employees is an excellent chef and runs a catering business on the side; this is the perfect opportunity to support them and see if they would be interested in providing the food for the party. 

To save on money, turn the meal into a potluck. A few weeks before the event, create a signup sheet and have everyone that is attending bring a dish. As the host, you can provide the main course and drinks, such as grilled chicken, burgers and veggie patties.

If you plan on serving alcohol, just keep in mind this significantly increases the cost of the food and drink budget, especially if spouses and adult children are joining. You can save costs by limiting the drinks, say to just beer and one or two wine options. Just be sure there is plenty of water and also non-alcoholic options, such as soda and juice.


Include a variety of game options at the party. This includes organized games and board games. Arrange a three-legged race, buy a cornhole set or giant Jenga board. If there are kids at the party, have some age-appropriate games for them. For younger kids, include a variety of entertainment options, such as puzzles, bubbles and soccer balls. 

Thank Yous

While paying for a party is in itself a fantastic way to say “thank you” to your team, going that extra mile really shows how much you cherish your staff. Think of a special party favor you can send your employees home with. This may be as simple as a hand-written card saying how much you appreciate their services to the company. Perhaps you help each team member get caffeinated Monday morning by sending everyone home with a $5 gift card to Starbucks. 

If you have the funds, you can do something more elaborate. Order pies from a favourite bakery and send one home with each family. Purchase wine cases from a wholesale store and send each employee home with a bottle of wine. You can also do something more work-related, such as letting everyone come in 2 hours late that following Monday. Another idea is to give everyone an extra PTO day to use at their convenience. Whatever the idea, just try to incorporate something to show your staff that you care. 

While it takes some planning to throw a party, taking the time to do something out of the ordinary shows your staff how much you value them. This summer, apply these four tips when organizing your corporate party. It will be one your employees will not soon forget. 

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