4 Tips When Hiring a Cleaning Service for Your Office

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Negosentro | 4 Tips When Hiring a Cleaning Service for Your Office | When people are searching for a cleaning service, they tend to focus on price and reputation first and foremost. However, there are other factors to consider when hiring a cleaning service, as well as warning flags to look for before you hire them, and methods to check their performance after they start. Here are four tips to follow when hiring a cleaning service for your office.

Verify They Send the Right People

You don’t want to work with a cleaning service that provides the lowest price by hiring people without background checks (and potential criminal records) or paying them under the table. Another issue to consider is whether or not the cheapest cleaning service does so by outsourcing to third parties who don’t meet the same high standards of quality, safety, reliability and legality the middleman does. Verify that the crews they send are part of the same licensed firm that you hired. This is separate from asking whether or not they send people who know how to clean the materials used in your office like polished stone, or know how to clean a restaurant to the high standard food handling facilities must meet. A Janitorial Company is perfect to hire with their great and satisfactory services. And they always provide the best staff that undergoes background checks as they want to make sure that their clients feel secure and happy.

Check Insurance

Yes, cleaning crews need to have insurance. They should have their own insurance to cover the medical costs and liability costs if one of their employees slips on a wet floor and breaks a bone. They should also have liability insurance so that you are reimbursed if they break a large screen trying to dust on top of it or damage electronics in the process of wiping down the sensitive screens. If a cleaning service cannot get insurance, this is a red flag since they may have a history of damaging their clients’ equipment, no matter how well they clean up the mess afterward. Never hire a cleaning service who touts the lack of insurance as a cost-saving measure.

Insurance is a minimum standard for a cleaning service, not the final standard you should use. Find out if the cleaning service takes your security as seriously as you do. Will they reset security systems after cleaning the facility? Do they verify that no one walks away with cash from the kitty, free merchandise or sensitive papers? The best commercial cleaners in Sydney have people on staff who know how to clean your type of facility to a level that is the best in its class without costing you over the long run.

Make Sure They are Familiar with All Types of Surfaces

Most cleaning services will present themselves as experts, but not all may be familiar with all types of finishes. If your office has a lot of high end finishes, you have to make sure that the service you hire has experience working with them if you don’t want them to ruin them. Not all cleaning services are familiar with surfaces like natural timber, specialty wall textures or polished stone, for instance. You don’t only have to make sure that the staff you decide to hire are familiar, and trained to clean, these surfaces, you should also ask what products they use. These finishes require special attention and using abrasive products can tarnish their appearance. Asking which procedures they use to treat these special finishes is a fast and easy way to see if they know what they’re doing.

Check Their Reputation

Don’t rely on someone’s website and the testimonials posted there as the basis of their reputation. Read reviews online, though understand that these can be scammed, such as when employees enter 5 star reviews for their employer. Look for reviews by actual businesses, those with reasonable detail instead of “great company, five stars!” A red flag is a series of five star reviews on rating sites without any information entered in rapid fire order. This indicates someone has paid to have a number of five star reviews entered by a reputation management service; search engines running the business directories often cannot take down these empty reviews because there isn’t any text in them that someone can dispute as false.

If you see this, scroll down the list until you see the one or two star review the business is trying to hide; this is the information about the firm you truly need to know. If the business has no reviews or is brand new, this is a warning sign since they may have closed down under one name and recently reopened under a new one. Good commercial cleaners Sydney have a long, demonstrated reputation for quality online as well as offline.

Ask for referrals, and then check that the referrals are not their employees or family members of the business. Or ask for word of mouth referrals from clients, suppliers and customers who have immaculate offices.

It is essential that you ask referring parties about the billing practices of the cleaning service. A number of businesses will offer a low cost for showing up and their basic service, but have an “out” of charging for services, giving them the ability to issue the lowest quote and then surprise you with a much higher final bill later.

Check on the Quality, Not Just Appearance

There are cleaning services that focus on making things look clean as compared to getting things clean. For example, the use of shiny wax on floors though grime hasn’t been removed from the corners of the room. The sinks are shiny, but the toilet seats don’t meet the proper level of hygiene. The floors are picked up and buffed, but no one cleaned the smeared door handles or fingerprints on the wall. Moving furniture or carpets to hide stains instead of removing them is another red flag.


The right cleaning services to hire for your office will send their own licensed, vetted and qualified employees. They will have insurance and a reputation for both quality and reasonable billing. And, they will perform thorough cleaning services to the appropriate standards.  Keep these factors in mind before hiring the first cleaning service you come across.

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