4 Things to Know About Steel Security Doors

4 Things to Know About Steel Security Doors Installing Security Roller Shutters
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4 Things to Know About Steel Security Doors | Whether you are building a new home or considering upgrading your current home, your front door and side doors will always be a question. The front door and the door from the garage can be critical entry points. They need to be attractive and welcoming but also secure. When faced with the available choices, steel, wood, or fiberglass, it can be difficult to discern which type of door would provide the most protection that you are looking for. We want you to understand the benefits and cons of using steel security doors for your entry points. 

Are Steel Doors Good for Security? 

 There is a wealth of security benefits with using a steel security door. The bottom line is that they will not be breached, particularly if you include a steel frame and secure multiple locks. They are also durable though they can be at risk for dents or bumps if hit hard enough. Another benefit is that they will not warp with weather or humidity changes. 

Steel security doors also provide an environmentally safe home interior when there is weather stripping. This keeps the warm or cold outside air from coming in. Because of the nature of the material used in the door, it will also block out the vast majority of street noise. When you enter your home, it will always be a quiet oasis shut off from the noises outside. 

Which is Better, Steel or Aluminum Security Doors?

 One of the benefits of a steel security door is that it is impenetrable. For thieves looking for an easy mark, seeing a steel security door will cause them to move on to an easier house. While wooden, fiberglass, and aluminum doors may be attractive, they can’t stand up to the security and weather needs a home has. They are easily dented and warped. Plus, wooden and aluminum security doors won’t be fire-rated for safety. 

Another thing to consider is that steel security doors can be customized to fit the unique style of your home. So, you aren’t sacrificing design quality by selecting a steel security door. Steel security doors can include glass windows, pet doors, and any design motifs that homeowners desire while still providing the high security and fire protection that owners are looking for. The most important point to remember when selecting steel security doors is to design what you would like for them to look like prior to installation. It is difficult to cut out a pet door or glass insets after installation. 

Also, homeowners should have a professional install the door. While a DIYer may want to tackle the project themselves, it can be difficult as the doors as heavier than other options. This doesn’t mean that it is impossible, but it is safer and easier to have a professional handle the installation, so they can ensure that the door is secure. 

How Much Does a Steel Security Door Cost? 

While wood doors can be beautiful especially when they are customized, they are still more expensive than a steel door. Plus, a steel door lasts longer than a wood or fiberglass door. This means that homeowners save money in the long run. 

What Type of Door is Best for Security?

While it is easy to appreciate the beauty of a wood or fiberglass door, realize the important benefits of a steel door. The steel security door provides the security and longevity that homeowners are looking for. They will not warp in humid weather or be exposed to the outside elements. They are also a deterrent for thieves. Many who seek to enter the home through an exterior door will move on when faced with the security of a steel door. 

If the steel security door is dented or damaged, it can be repaired much in the same way that an automobile is. The dent can be filled with an automotive filler such as Bondo. This is then buffed out to smooth the finish.  The next step will be to refinish the door, either by repainting or applying a specialty finish. So that the problem is solved. 

Some argue that steel doors tend to rust. This can be true of untreated doors. However, when the door is sealed and painted, it is more protected from the elements. This prevents the development of rust or other weather-related damage. 

Lastly, the aesthetics of a steel security door can be made to match the style of the home. If the homeowner wants the strength and security but prefers the look of a wooden door, the door can be painted or have a thin veneer applied so that it has a realistic wood grain finish. This gives homeowners many options when customizing their entry door to meet their tastes. 

In Arizona, when homeowners are looking for steel security doors, they turn to the professionals at Steel Advantage. They work with homeowners to find the entry door products that they need. This includes steel gates, security doors, and window guards. When you need to secure your home, this is the team to turn to. 


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