4 Simple Mistakes to Avoid When Creating Social Media Videos

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Negosentro | Did you know that more videos are being uploaded every month than major US TV networks have created in 30 years? That is how popular videos are – and it should come as no surprise that a significant chunk of those videos are being uploaded on social media.

The fact is that videos are arguably the most effective type of content for social media. Not only do they have a greater reach and are shared more frequently, but they can engage and convert more viewers too.

But if you want your social media videos to be successful, you first need to avoid a few simple mistakes when you create them.

Not Tailoring the Video to the Platform

Social media nowadays encompasses numerous platforms including Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, Snapchat, and more.

Each of these platforms is unique – and not taking that into account and expecting the same video to work on every platform is a big mistake.

Simply put you need to tailor your video to the platform that it is going to be published on. Ideally it should be designed specifically for it, including its style, topic, duration, aspect ratio, and more.

At best you may be able to get away with repurposing some videos and creating different versions for different platforms.

Adding a Long Introduction

Remember that you’re creating a social media video not a feature film – so there is no room for lengthy introductions.

The attention span of viewers on social media is short, and most will decide very quickly whether or not to keep watching. In fact you will normally only have between 5 to 8 seconds to convince viewers to stick around.

Needless to say a lengthy introduction will blow your chances of doing that. In its place you should add a compelling hook of some type that piques the interest of viewers.

Relying Too Heavily on a Voiceover

Adding a voiceover to your social media videos is a great way to provide additional context and explain the contents of the video. However relying too heavily on that voiceover could cost you a significant number of viewers.

Over the last few years more and more viewers have started to watch videos on social media with the volume muted. That is due to several reasons, including the fact that many platforms now require a click to enable the volume.

To get around this it is best to try to use visuals to convey the contents of your video. At very least you should add captions or subtitles – just so you don’t completely lose viewers.

Encoding Videos in the Wrong Format or Settings

Every social media platform has its very own recommended video format and settings – and you should follow them.

If you don’t you may have difficulty uploading your video – or its quality may be affected because it is internally transcoded. Rather than facing that issue, looking up the format and settings to use and encoding the video in them from the get go will let you avoid any problems.

Assuming you’ve already encoded a social media video, you can always use Online Video Converter to change the format it is in. It can be used as a convenient MPG to MP4 converter online and has no upload file size limitation that you need to worry about.


If you can avoid all of these mistakes, your social media videos should be in a better position to engage viewers and convert them. That should be your goal – and knowing what not to do is a good place to start working towards it.

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