4 Reasons You Should Keep Your LinkedIn Updated


Negosentro.com | Statistics show that 25% of the adult US population uses LinkedIn, making it an extremely valuable tool for any job seeker. However, once the job seeker has found a desired position, there’s a tendency to let their profiles stagnate and fall out of date. Despite continuing to improve themselves and progress in their career through things like promotions, new certifications, or new membership in professional organizations, they grow while their Linkedin profile doesn’t, giving the illusion to outsiders that their career has slowed to a halt. Here are some reasons you should avoid this and keep your profile up to date.

Attract New Job Offers

While you may be perfectly happy in your new position, it’s always prudent to keep your options open and your eye out for a better opportunity. This doesn’t necessarily mean you’re planning to be disloyal to a new company you love; fielding other offers can oftentimes lead to new opportunities within your current company since you can leverage these offers for raises and promotions. Since you’re not actively seeking other offers, LinkedIn is a great way to showcase your skills and accomplishments to attract offers without actively searching for them. However, this is most effective if you keep all of the information on your profile up to date and current.

Building Your Network

While most job seekers understand the importance of networking while they’re job hunting, they don’t always continue those efforts after they’re employed. But keeping your network strong has a wide variety of advantages. Aside from leading you to offers (as we discussed above) it could lead you to new talent or clients you could attract to your company, new professional organizations to join, or just new contacts if you ever do find yourself in the job market again.

Getting Endorsements

Keeping your profile up to date can also lead to you getting new endorsements on different skills you’ve listed on LinkedIn from former coworkers, bosses, and clients. This helps prove to new prospective contacts that you’re as skilled as you say are, giving your LinkedIn profile even more legitimacy. And one of the best ways to increase the chance of getting endorsements is to keep your profile up to date since adding new connections to your network increases the chances one of them will endorse you. There have been over 11 billion endorsements on LinkedIn so far, so keeping your profile and network up to date is the best way to ensure you get your share.

Resumes Live Online

Keeping resumes online is the only way to do it in 2018. Gone are the days where your resume is a few sheets of paper. In the modern job market, it has to be a living document that’s constantly growing and evolving. LinkedIn is an excellent resource for this, but only if you take the time to keep your profile updated. It’s just a reality of the modern job market that having a consistently up to date resume online is the best way to increase your marketability and job prospects.


Keeping your LinkedIn profile up to date can give you an amazing asset for your career, but too often after finding a new position people neglect it. Keeping it growing as your career does can lead to valuable new opportunities, whether that means new job offers, new clients, or simply just new professional contacts. Hopefully, this information inspires you to make a habit of checking your profile and keeping it up to date, since that could greatly enhance your career and accelerate your professional development in a variety of new ways.

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