4 Reasons to Choose a Career in Sales

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Some people would shun the idea of getting a sales job because they thought it’s just about selling a product or service. Sales as a career is challenging because it entails hard work and high expectations. But a career in sales is a rewarding one.

 “Sales is a part of the whole marketing story. Remember the 4Ps of Marketing? Product, Price, Place and Promotion. Sales is inside promotion. That’s why it’s interesting because sales or selling is an activity that involves promotion, persuasion and persistence. This is the reason why a lot of people would like to be involved in sales. Just imagine making others believe and have a buy-in of your thoughts!” says Jonathan Petalver, CEO and President of THE SALES CHAMP ACADEMY.

If you’re still having second thoughts if this career path is for you, here are four reasons why you should choose a career in sales:

1)      Higher Income Potential

If you’re looking for a financially rewarding career, sales is commonly recognized as a high-income career. Though actual income varies among sales people, what makes sales lucrative is the commission that goes along every closed deal. There are also other perks and benefits awaiting.

2)      Flexible Work Schedule

Due to the nature of the industry, most sales jobs offers flexible work schedule.  Unlike careers that requires you an 8-hour working schedule, sales job gives you freedom to work on your own phase. As a sales person, it’s up to you to where and how you will meet prospects and potentials clients. You also have the privilege to attend social gatherings, lunch meetings and after office parties to meet with people who can help you achieve your goals. What’s more exciting is you can spend more time with your family because you’re no longer required to spend more hours in the office.

3)      Meet new people and build network of connections

The saying “People are your greatest asset” is also true in the sales industry. As a sales person, the prospects and potentials clients that you meet become part of your network.  Through this network of connections, you will be able to close more deals. Say, you have a very challenging client. But the good news is one of your prospects (who’s part of your network already) is a friend of the challenging client. Chances are you might close the difficult sales deal through your connection.

4)      Financial Freedom

One of the significant impact of a sales job is that it does not give you a higher pay but also provides you the opportunity to prepare for your long term goals such as buying a house, starting a family, growing a business and even savings for retirement. You will not just be able to save enough money but you will also be able to acquire financial freedom.

Building a career in sales is not easy. That’s why author and transformational sales leader Jonathan Petalver encourages aspiring sales persons, especially millennials, to have the right mindset, behavior and skills set to make it big in sales. There are a lot of jobs you may want to be involved in. It could be ranging from being a sales professional in the automotive, pharmaceutical, telecommunications, real estate, insurance, direct sales, corporate and institutional depending on your goals and personal commitment.

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