4 Need-to-Know Tips for Buying Used Piping Online

Buying Used Piping Online

The ability to buy online has opened up a variety of money-saving opportunities for owners and managers in the industrial sector. Previously, locations and availability may have been so spare that travel expenses alone meant buying new was really the most cost-effective option. Because so much piping is so durable, buying used is a great way to preserve resources for your industry, company, and planet. Here are a few essential tips for buying used piping online.

  1. Buy from a reputable seller/marketplace.

The best part about buying used piping online for industrial purposes is that you aren’t restricted to buying from a one-off seller on some auction site. Many of your favorite suppliers, including Varner Pipe, LLC, sell used piping online, right alongside their usual brand-new stock.

This is ideal in case you need a mix of piping for your operations, or require some customization to a piece. You’re also more likely to score more when it comes to guarantees, trustworthiness, and returns and replacements.

  1. Double check the specs.

Just like anything else bought online, you want to be extra sure you’re purchasing precisely what you need. When it comes to used piping, there are a few particular specs we pay attention to. We need the right grade and size, information about the end, and must determine is the pipe is seamless or welded.

If your supplier has provided a size chart, please refer to it. Note inner diameter, outer diameter, and thickness. Never, ever hesitate to inquire if you’re unsure you’re buying the appropriate size or type. The supplier’s responsiveness to inquiries will also help you decide whether or not this is a company you want to purchase from again in the future.

  1. Read about shipping and delivery carefully.

When do you need the piping? Do shipping charges negate the cost savings you anticipated? Always review this information before purchasing. Fortunately, a lot of suppliers understand the importance of prompt replacement on the job, and will offer lightning-fast shipping options.

Just be sure you’re not paying premium shipping for piping that will take weeks to appear.

  1. Learn more about how the pipe has been classified.

If you buy from a dedicated pipe supplier, you might notice that it’s not all ‘used’ or ‘new’. If you’re looking to save money and avoid industrial waste, there are typically options. For instance, you might see steel pipe that’s labeled ‘surplus’. Surplus is generated when a buyer initially places a large order, and later realizes they won’t need the total amount. That means you get a discount on brand-new product.

There may also be ‘reject’ pieces on offer, and these can be excellent for certain piping uses. In many cases, the strength and usefulness of the pipe is unaffected, it’s simply that there is a small defect or blemish.

It is safe to buy used piping? In many cases, it is the best decision for your business. As long as you buy from a good supplier, read policies and specs thoroughly, and learn more about that supplier’s system for classifying piping, you’re making a wise choice for your bottom line.

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