4 Killer Tips You Must Know for Creating an Avatar

creating an avatar

by Kyla Camille, Negosentro.com |

The term avatar is not an unfamiliar one to the modern world, thanks to the James Cameron movie. If you are trying to create the perfect avatar for your social media profile or portfolio, you would be surprised to know that there are two different kinds of avatars – a computer made avatar which can be considered an alter ego and a two dimensional avatar which can be used in social media communities.

But, here the question is why do you need an avatar. Avatar depicts your identity. It says who you are. It also says what you do. To express your truest self to the world, you need to create the right avatar. So, now the question is – how you can create that perfect avatar. What are the requirements of an avatar?

  1. To create an avatar, you would need a recent photograph of yours. The photo needs to be clear and proper. There are countless social media photographs which come off dark and blurry. Such photographs don’t do anything to make your social media profile popular. Even an avatar maker will not be able to perfect the image. Lack of sharpness can get your social media profile ruined. Don’t allow this to happen. Opt for a profile pic which looks good and has clarity.
  2. Consistency is another fact which you need to remember. People have a way of changing images every now and then. They keep changing it almost every day. Don’t do it as such an act will divert people’s attention. You need to find a photograph which works well for you. Once you have caught hold of the photograph, upload it and forget all about it. Don’t go on changing the photo. You can safely leave the image alone for more than a couple of months.
  3. For the perfect profile photograph, you need to be conscious about the formatting and the dimension. You would need to stick to different rules of creating the right avatar. If you don’t succeed in creating the image, you would be benefitted by getting in touch with people with skill. Remember that your profile image can play a big role in building your career.
  4. Using correct tool is required when you are creating that avatar which will take your social media profile a long a way. For this you would need to select a photograph and experiment with it. You would be benefitted from spicing it up a bit. Of course, you would not have to be a professional photographer for the task. You just would have to be familiar with the tools which turn photographs upside down.

Manipulating photos can be fun. Sometimes all the effects fail to bestow the desired result. When it happens you need to use the web based photo manipulators. These work well in transforming images. These will also help you in getting attention of people on social media. A little web research will show you that there are many web base image manipulators which you can use to spice up your image.

To take the picture for your avatar, you need to dress up. This is important and you need to look your best for the occasion. Also, don’t look to provocative, this might create wrong impression. You need to understand that the image would be relevant to what you are trying to sell. You product would decide what type of photograph you would need. Once you understood the requirement, you need to be consistent with the image. This is going to be your brand and you need to remember this the next time you take a picture for your avatar.

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