4 Important Things to Share with Your Personal Injury Attorney

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Greg Hunt, Negosentro | 4 Important Things to Share with Your Personal Injury Attorney |  The lawyer-client relationship is probably one of the most complicated there is. In most cases, you need to develop a bond quickly despite having known each other for a short while in order to solve your problem. If you are like a lot of people, trusting a stranger is a hard thing to do. It is uncomfortable and makes you feel exposed. You may be a person who likes keeping their personal life as private as possible. However, in order for the Syracuse NY personal injury lawyers to be of maximum assistance and enable you get value for your money, there are some details you have to divulge:

Other legal representation

It is only courteous to let your lawyer know if you have another attorney working on the same case. This will help them know whether to contact the other lawyer and ask for a briefing or whether to work together with the other lawyer. It will also prevent confusion both in the courtroom and in your case. If the judge or jury see confusion, they may deem you insincere and the ruling may not be in your favor. This is why it is important to let your personal injury attorney bend oregon know if another lawyer is working on the case before or during the time you hire them. 

Previous cases

It is important for your lawyer to know whether you have been involved in other lawsuits before either as the victim or the offender. Giving them that knowledge will help them prepare adequately for your trial. They will be able to dig up those past cases and see what the other lawyer could use against you. Furthermore, they could find information from the previous lawsuits that could help them win your case. Don’t wait for it to come up in court.

Details on injury

In order for your personal injury lawyer to help you, you need to be open and honest. Be sure to give them the exact details of the accident as you remember them. Describe the events, company and even the context in which you got injured. The details will help your lawyer know how to approach your case and what they should ask for in terms of compensation. If there were any witnesses to your injury, let your lawyer know. He or she could reach out to them and get them to testify as witnesses. This will strengthen your case.

Criminal past

You may have a colorful past you feel ashamed of and be tempted to hide it. That is a mistake. It may seem irrelevant to bring it up in your current case but you should. One thing you should keep in mind is that the lawyers you are up against are hired to tear your case apart. They will do so by bringing up every skeleton you have in your closet. If your lawyer is caught unaware, he can’t defend you. If he is aware, he can plan an appropriate strategy in advance to keep the case going well.

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