4 Important Lessons You Will Never Learn from School

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One of the biggest responsibilities of parents is to give their child a proper education. In the regular Philippine setting, children are expected to attend school and be good to be able to get a decent job. But guess what? After 15 or more years of studying (and actually being good at it), there are more important things you will never learn from the four corners of your classroom, here are some:

1. It’s okay to be wrong.

In school, our performance and grade is based on how many correct answers we’d get in an exam, how many times we answered a recitation correctly and how we do our school projects – everything about being correct.

When you graduate from school, life will tell you that when you commit mistakes, you are more open to the possibility of making things better. The more mistakes you get, the better person you will become by actually learning from it. Committing mistakes will allow you to experience more in life.

2. Managing your finances.

When you’re still studying, most of us still live with our parents. Thus, we don’t need to worry about paying utility bills, we know nothing about budgeting money for food because usually our parents will just let you eat (which you resist most of the time) and we have not time manage your allowance because you get it every time from your parents.

The big challenge is when you get your first pay, and then the second, and then the next. It’s going to be your money now, and how you’re going to use it solely depends on you. Expect never-ending bills of rents, credit card, utility and list goes on. Schools can teach us the value of money, but life will let us experience how it is going to be when you neglect on managing your finances well, which is the more important part.

3. Your teacher is not the worst person.

At school, the most unforgiving person could be your professors – never-ending assignments, school projects, merciless distribution of failing grades and all. But not until you meet your first boss. You will discover that your teacher is the nicest thing on earth when you meet hundreds of people after college graduation. Yes, you will meet a lot of harsh people and the catch is to survive a day mingling with them, sometimes, talking with them or worse, working for them.

You will meet a lot of people who will be nice to you and soon will be your friends but there are more people who will be cruel to you – call them your lessons. Good news is that people could be good or bad at you, but either way, you will be lucky to experience both that will give you life’s true experiences. Your attitude towards them will be the vital part and will matter in your life.

4. Your network is a key to greater things

There’s an old cliché: it’s not what you know, it’s who you know. School life will mostly give you what you know – majority of knowledge, the nerdy-ness and all of its kind. In terms of war, the knowledge from school is your armor. You will definitely need it and should never be taken for granted.

Your network is your totality – it could be the sum of who you are and where you’re going. The point is that who you know will support you on your life quest. Be nice to everyone, not only because you should be, but you the person you pick on today might be the person you will be working for tomorrow – every interaction counts.

This is not to say that school is not important or not as vital. Everyone deserves to be educated. Every child must be sent to school. The point of the matter is you could learn more things when you go outside the box to discover more things. You shouldn’t rely solely on what is being fed to you, but you should also make the move to make things better for your future.

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