4 Golden Rules of Banner and Billboard Advertising

4 Golden Rules of Banner and Billboard Advertising

4 Golden Rules of Banner and Billboard Advertising | In a world where everything seems to be marketed online, banners and billboards continue to be an important promotional tool. Both of these have been reliable methods of advertising since time immortal and are still an effective method of marketing for reaching countless people practically wherever they are.

Banners and billboards have excellent potential to build your brand and sell products, but their design and content play a critical role in determining how effective they will be. They need to be both functional and eye-catching. You could hire a sign company in Tucson to make sure that your banners and billboards create the impact you desire, here are four golden rules for banner and billboard advertising.

Keep It Simple

It’s been said so many different ways for so many years, but its truth remains timeless: Keep it simple. This is especially true of mediums such as banners and billboards since most people who read them are moving past them. An audience needs to be engaged in five to 10 seconds. The banner or billboard must have three things: a compelling image, a headline, and a logo. Adding more will only make it difficult for the viewer to understand.

Keep It Short

Banners and billboards are no place for lots of words and designs. Viewers are on the move and don’t have time to take them in. Keep the length of copy to six words max in a simple font size. Use impactful words so readers can understand and retain your message. If your message needs more words to get a message across, use another medium that is more appropriate such as a brochure or flyer.

Make It Bold and Bright

Remember that the viewers of your messages are being bombarded with messages virtually every minute of every day. As a result, your message needs to stand out from the rest with bright, high-contrasting colors and bold images. Fonts should stand out from other display messages. Contrasting messages will catch and hold the reader’s attention and bold images will make your ad readable from a distance. Once you have achieved all of this with your message it will be visually memorable. If you are using contrasting colors and bold images, but sure to keep the background simple so it doesn’t clash with the foreground for attention.

Provoke a Thought

A good banner or billboard has a thought-provoking message and a story that is engaging and will grab the attention of your viewers and leave them with an attention. Your banner or billboard should be a refreshing treat for otherwise bored people. Make sure that the graphics you use and the text suggests a storyline that attracts viewers with excitement and drama. Use word play, create rhyme, and add a little humor to the design for a fun, whimsical ad that people will remember long after they have seen it.

A well-designed banner or billboard is the best tool you can use to maximize your promotional message in many situations and maximize your advertising investment. By using these golden rules in an effective advertising campaign, you will create an unforgettable brand that members of the buying public won’t forget. Further, they will think of your business when it comes to purchasing the products they know you have. By having a good banner or billboard and keeping it in front of the buying public, you can’t go wrong.

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