4 Franchise Companies in the Philippines and Its Cost


Franchising is one of the largest growing businesses in the Philippines. If you don’t have any business experience, you can test your skills through franchising.

There are great franchise companies that will help you from start up. Take a look at the following franchise companies in the country:



This company has been around since 1949, giving people options to buy low-cost generic medications. On 2007, the company started to open its doors for a franchise. The franchising fee for this company is P 290,000 and the total cost of investment is P 750,000.

The franchise package includes pre-launch assistance, staff training (15 days before and 3 days after operation), and other support packages.


Jollibee is one of the largest food chains in the Philippines. It has about 750 stores nationwide. It has also international branches in countries like Hong Kong, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, and the USA.

It was founded by Tony Tan and started as an ice cream parlor way back 1978. The key to its success is the family oriented approach to marketing and management. Today, a Jollibee franchise is worth P25 million.


This is one the original brand of flavored fries in the Philippines. Their motto: If you’re going to do something, make sure to do it right and focus all your efforts on one thing. Right now, potato corner has 400 franchises nationwide.

They have one common goal: to serve the public with amazing French fries fresh from the fryer. The Standard Franchise Package is worth P350,000. They also offer various franchises depending on your budget. The lowest is the school cart worth P200,000. The highest type is the In-Line Store with Seating worth P800,000 to P1,2000,000.


The convenience store concept started Dallas Texas in 1927. They started business franchise way back 1998. Right now, 7-ELEVEN has 1,723 stores in the Philippines. To have a 7-ELEVEN franchise, you have to prepare P600,000 for the franchise fee. You also need to pay P170,000 for the initial supplies.

You’ll need P2 million for the construction cost, advance rent and deposit. Do you have an old business place? 7-ELEVEN has another business offer called property conversion program. 

These five successful franchises are truly inspirational for start-up and growing businesses. If you want to start a business, surround yourself with inspirations. Also, nothing beats perseverance, hard work, and a creative mind to reach success.