4 Crucial Ways a Business Owner Can Beat the Odds

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Negosentro.com | 4 Crucial Ways a Business Owner Can Beat the Odds | Running a company is no easy feat. Like the captain of a ship, a business owner or CEO needs to coordinate several employees and often several teams, each with their own roles to play. This can be difficult for a new business owner, but there is always a solution, as long as you know where to look. Here’s what you need to know.

Organizational Tools

A business benefits from efficiency, because efficiency increases revenue. However, an efficient workplace hinges on an organized infrastructure. Recent tech innovations have made it much easier to organize many aspects of your business. For example, delivery or sales businesses can utilize route planning software to organize their delivery routes much more effectively and much more quickly. Likewise, time clock apps can consolidate all of the steps of the payroll process into one handy app. Even data organization benefits from this kind of software, as Excel has revolutionized the generation of spreadsheets in numerous ways. Utilizing technological shortcuts to create a more efficient workflow can do wonders for the quality of your operation and the revenue you can earn.

Supply Chain

The supply chain is the series of companies that contribute to the inventory or supplies of other businesses. Typically, this culminates in retail, but supply chains can be used to furnish non-retail businesses with various supplies. This is a necessity for any business, but you can reduce your overhead by making some changes to your supply chain. For example, you can buy directly from manufacturers. While the standard practice is to buy from distributors or wholesalers for the value they add to products, a small business that’s barely getting by can reduce the cost of goods by skipping the more luxurious, more expensive option. However, simply shopping around can help net you the best prices, regardless of your approach. You also have to weigh quality and cost against reliability, as consistent deliveries is the most crucial component of the supply chain.


Marketing is crucial to a business’s success, but it is the primary means a business has available to them of making themselves known to the public. This means that marketing will be a constant priority. This is why Coca-Cola still advertises despite an immense, global presence. Brand loyalty is what makes customers into repeat customers and repeat customers into lifelong fans, and that loyalty is born from consistent advertisement and a quality product. The overall goal of marketing is to bring in as many consumers as possible, and this is done with mass appeal. Mass appeal refers to qualities of, in this case, a product and its marketing that are positively received almost universally. One example is positive emotions. Most advertisements try to associate their brand and their product with a sort of goodness in order to endear that brand to general consumers.


Your business’s finances are of paramount importance to your business. First and foremost, a business has the overt purpose of generating a profit, and that profit is the result of a math problem: Revenue minus overhead equals profit. In order to increase your profit, you need to increase your general revenue and reduce your expenses, and doing so depends on having an accurate record of each of these vital numbers. While simply making a profit might be enough for some, a business is required to submit accurate earnings reports. More importantly, you can observe changes in these numbers over time, and those changes indicate the successes and failures of your business practices. The importance of these numbers is such that hiring and accountant is basically a given.

Running a business requires knowledge and skill, but it also takes a heaping helping of determination. There are endless solutions to the myriad challenges you’ll face, and they’re all a matter of public record. Despite this, it’s on you to learn all of the ins and outs of your business, as well as economics and the law itself, and it’s up to you to maximize your profits using these techniques.

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