3 Ways to Leverage Social Media to Your SEO Advantage

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Negosentro.com | 3 Ways to Leverage Social Media to Your SEO Advantage | With the recent boom of social media networks such as Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Snapchat, and so on, the landscape of customer relations and content distribution has drastically changed. According to statistics, there are 3.48 billion social media users worldwide this 2019.

Along with this, customer engagement and word-of-mouth marketing are now easily used and tracked by shares, comments, hashtags, retweets, and other social media actions. As such, marketers consider social media as a powerful tool that can help them boost their digital marketing.

Thus, if you want to achieve maximum success for your brand online, your SEO and social media strategy need to work hand in hand. With that, here are three ways on how you can use social media networks to enhance your search engine optimization strategies.

Generate Strong Content Ideas

In today’s digital marketing, acquiring links in a natural way is an essential aspect for most brands aiming for success. Safari Sydney SEO reminds us that the most effective way to build natural backlinks is to post quality and relevant content that users want to share on their social media networks.

In relation to this, social media channels are great places to generate strong content ideas that can catch users’ attention. For instance, you can enter arrays of prompts into Twitter’s search bar to discover a list of topics your community has shown interest in.

Furthermore, additional ideas can be generated by entering any of the following Twitter search prompts:

  • “Why is” + industry keyword
  • “How to” + industry keyword
  • “?” + industry keyword
  • “Question” +industry keyword

Moreover, look for results that have been retweeted by people as these results show audience appeal.  If you already have the potential content topics, you can now produce quality content out of those topics. However, you also need to keep up with social media algorithm changes so you can optimize content and share it on social media platforms.

Encourage  Backlink Building

Search engines such as Google and Bing confirmed that they track publicly shared links on social media platforms like Twitter and Facebook. Because of this confirmation, social networking channels became one of the great places to build natural backlinks to your site. To encourage the creation of these natural links, the following actions will help you:

  • Build your networks on Twitter and Facebook because more users can lead to more opportunities for link shares.
  • Link your blog to your Twitter or Facebook accounts, or you may use tools designed for this purpose so that your new blog posts will automatically be linked on your profile.
  • Use an update-scheduling tool to schedule social media posts and publish them automatically based on the time you put in place.  

Boosting your presence in social media networks will give you a broader scope of audience that can be your potential customers. Aside from that, every additional share and votes for your contents will have a significant impact on the natural search ranking algorithm.

Build Local Engagements

Your relationship with the local community is one of the things search engines are looking for. That’s why reaching out locally through social media is not just a good idea, but a necessity to rank up.

In connection to that, here are some things you can do using social network sites to gain the trust of Google and potential customers in your area:

  • Update your social media accounts when your brand gets involved in any events in your area. You can run live videos or take pictures of these events.
  • If you are affiliated or working with other organizations or businesses nearby, let everybody know about it online.
  • Post something relevant and write comments on the social channels of your local business partners and encourage them to do the same on yours.
  • Share their best contents and seek for guest blog opportunities.


Social media networks such as Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, Instagram, and more are great tools for engagement and two-way communications. Boosting the presence of your brand in these platforms may help you build a stronger search engine optimization for your brand. Moreover, the ways listed above are just some of the techniques you can apply to leverage social media networks for your SEO advantage.  

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