3 Ways to Increase Company Unity

3 Ways to Increase Company Unity Summer Company Activities
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Negosentro | 3 Ways to Increase Company Unity | Company culture can make or break a business. If your company fosters a positive workplace atmosphere, then that means your employees are thriving. Employees who have a positive experience at work tend to be more productive and invested in their job. On the other hand, if your workplace environment is at an all-time low in morale, then your office may be struggling to keep workers in the door. If communication is lacking and the morale is tense, employees’ stress levels will rise, leading to poor productivity and mistakes.

It’s easy to see why fostering company unity and providing great office morale for your workers is important. Seeing the benefits of a positive workplace is one thing, but knowing how to foster it is another. If your business is struggling with team unity, read on for a few tips to help you build and foster a mentality to keep your employees happy time and time again.

Transparent Communication

Keeping departments communicating smoothly and understanding everything that’s going on with the company, is essential to building team rapport. You want your departments working together, not against each other, and having clear communication will help smooth out any blame and frustration between employees. Focus on having clear revenue operations and team goals.

It takes time to implement and build healthy relationships. To make sure the company atmosphere is not toxic and departments work together, you’ve got to make sure you have managers and leaders in place who will foster those goals. It starts with the top. 

Ensure company-wide goals are set to help each department communicate and work together. If changes take place, whether it be system upgrades, onboarding new clients, or facilitating meetings, keep everyone in the loop. Including weekly newsletters is a great tool to keep employees informed. Make sure managers communicate with the employees on what to expect with the changes so the transitions can go smooth. 

Company Incentives

People don’t like feeling undervalued. Having company incentives in place that reward hard work and team collaboration will continue to foster that behavior. People like to know what they do matters and where they stand with a business. It’s easier to feel unified in a company when you respect the company and feel like your work is essential and noticed. 

Rewards and incentives can vary, test out what works best for your employees and incorporate a variety of motivators such as:

  • Extra Paid Day Off
  • Bonus in Paycheck
  • Company Carry-Ins
  • Tickets to an Event
  • Gift Cards

The options are endless on how you can compensate and incentivize your employees to get their best work. Focus on including these incentives with appreciating company collaboration and seeing excellent teamwork. Let your workers know what behavior matters to you by following through with a reward. Positive reinforcement is an excellent motivator and office morale booster.

Hire Team Players

Hiring employees with the right attitude and mentality makes your job easier when it comes to fostering unity. Take time to prepare with your HR team on what your business needs and is looking for when it comes to employee hiring. There are times when training an employee with a good attitude to learn new skills is better than hiring a qualified employee who brings in toxic attitudes. 

Having a clear standard for the type of behavior you want in the office starts with the hiring phase. Successful long-term hiring means looking for someone who can offer a good perspective, apply themselves, and not have a negative outlook on life. Positive employees are more open-minded, flexible, and open to collaboration. 

Fostering unity in a company is something that’s become more and more essential for the longevity of business and employee retention. With a focus on a few key areas such as, transparent communication, company incentives, and hiring positive team players, your business will be on the right track to creating the atmosphere you need to satisfy customers and employees alike. 

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