3 Surprising Ways Your Work and University Life Might Turn Out to be Exactly the Same

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Most young graduates dream of the day they can finally graduate from their university and start working in their real life jobs earning sizeable incomes and living the life of their dreams that they have worked so hard towards! What many though fail to realise is that the challenges they face in their work environment is often very similar to the hurdles that they had to cross while they were toiling away in their university!

So this is why we made today’s article in order to showcase 3 surprising ways in which work is often entirely similar to life as a student in an university!

  1. Tons of Interviews And Applications

Most University students are already familiar with filling up tons of repetitive applications as often the very first step of getting into a good University is to apply to a fair few number of them and hope that the academic board finds you interesting enough to offer you a chance of an in person interview. Now these interviews are often rigorous and often hinge on one key point that can start or end their academic career at a hallowed institution. Job applications too are remarkably similar to University entrances, in fact new graduates have to go through the same process of applying to multiple companies and then hopefully pass a one on one interview before they can land their dream job.

  1. Balancing the Workload

University can be stressful at times especially when there are loads of assignments due or the dates of exams are looming near. This pressure scenario is very similar to real life where you are often put under the cosh and asked to deliver within very strict deadlines. Now it is vitally important in such scenarios that we keep a calm head and balance the workload equally between the team members. Many students aren’t really aware of how to stay on top of a heavy workload and this leads to them crumbling under pressure and inevitably failing to perform at their job. Now there are many ways of going about this, but the best way is to categorise and organise the work at hand and then break it up into small easily attainable chunks of work that can be ticked off a checklist. This gives us an objective view of the work at hand and also gives a sense of accomplishment as each little bit is checked off from the list!

  1. Getting along with Your Co-Worker

Most people have spent some amount of time with a roommate during their years as a University Student. Now while transitioning into the corporate world, a co worker is much the same as they are almost always going through the same rigours of daily work as you are. So it is in your best interests to be friendly and approachable while talking to them and forging a bond of trust and mutual respect from the outset. Like a friendly room mate, having a coworker who’s got your back can be invaluable in tough office situations!

Most of us spend their time at University figuring out how to balance being an adult and coming to terms with the harsh realities of the world. One of them is that holding a steady high paying job is no cakewalk and just because you have a university degree doesn’t mean that everything is going to go swimmingly once you enter the corporate world. With this important lesson in mind, most new graduates should be armed with enough knowledge and enthusiasm to figure out the intricate paths of the corporate world by themselves! In the words of late British prime Minister, Winston Churchill,

Success consists of going from failure to failure without loss of enthusiasm.

And this is probably the most important lesson that one can learn from their days as a scholar and carry it forward into their working lives!

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