3 Practical Uses of GoPro Time Lapse Videos

Negosentro.com | Time-lapse videos are awe-inspiring, and many photo and film enthusiasts have all joined the hype and grabbed themselves an action camera. With GoPro paving the way for time-lapse videos and carving out a niche in the industry, it is by far the most popular brand to use in this kind of set up. The GoPro time lapse capability provides you with the opportunity to capture sharp still images that look as impressive as its video recording.

Whether you are a full time professional, part-timer, enthusiast or hobbyist—wherever you see your craft taking you– it is a good investment to have the right kind of equipment in making time-lapse videos.

If you are a skeptic, here are three practical uses of GoPro Time Lapse videos.

  1. Capturing Dramatic Changes

A standard camera can only capture about 25 pictures per second, which is the industry standard. A GoPro camera can shoot between 24 to 240 frames per second. With this quality, you are able to capture changes like the motion of the stars or the passing of cars in a dramatic way without compromising the crisp video quality of your time-lapse videos. 

  1. Shortening an Otherwise Long Event

The footages you take for events that usually unfold slowly to the naked eye like the blooming of a flower or the rising and setting of the sun can be compressed into a matter of few seconds or minutes. It is also perfect for making teasers or short videos of events like a wedding, birthday or graduation.

  1. Creating Stories

Memories can be forgotten, but photography and filmmaking can help you concretely immortalize them. A GoPro time-lapse video allows you to create stories on a different level, making each frame a vivid reminder of what happened—those growing up years, travel adventures and everything else.

So, imagine the endless possibilities of capturing those precious moments and join the hype. It definitely is a game changer.

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