3 methods for physiotherapists to market themselves online

3 methods for physiotherapists to market themselves online
Photo by Tima Miroshnichenko from Pexels

Negosentro | 3 methods for physiotherapists to market themselves online | As a physiotherapist, you work with clients in person. But if you’re using only offline methods to market your services, such as putting up paper ads on noticeboards, then you could be severely limiting your client base.

With people spending much of their time on the Internet, that’s where you’ll need to be seen if you want to keep a healthy flow of clients to your clinic. It can seem daunting to promote your professional services online if you’ve only been sharing about your personal life so far, but don’t fret.

In this guide, we’ll share three proven methods of marketing your physiotherapy services on the World Wide Web that you can consider using.

1. Create social media flyers

Got a social media following? You probably do. To promote your physiotherapy services to your following, create flyers and publish them on your socials. People’s social media feeds tend to be flooded with food and nature photos, and cat videos, so your slick physiotherapy flyers will likely stand out and get you noticed.

Creating social media flyers is easy: using a flyer maker like PosterMyWall, you can customize fitness flyer templates to publicize who you are and what services you offer. Upload your own images, add your own text, and change the flyer’s colors and fonts to match your brand, and you’ll have professional-looking flyers ready in no time.

For inspiration, here’s one flyer promoting physiotherapist Dr. Zeeshan Ali:

[Embed this Instagram post: https://www.instagram.com/p/CaURKOCukz3/] 

The large “We Are Here to Make You Feel Better.” slogan immediately catches your eye, while the contact numbers at the bottom of the flyer ensure that users know how to get in touch with Dr. Ali if they need a physiotherapist.

2. Share educational content online

Don’t keep your wealth of physiotherapy knowledge to yourself. Teach what you know online to your followers!

They may not need your services now, but you want them to know that you know your stuff. This way, when they actually need physiotherapy treatment, they’ll know your competence—and be confident enough to book an appointment with you. 

However, this doesn’t mean launching a 10-week online program on physiotherapy. Unless your followers are budding physiotherapists, such extensive content will only put them off from checking out your content. Instead, package your knowledge into fun, bite-sized content that people can easily consume on the go. Your content could come in the form of:

  • Short Instagram posts
  • Short Instagram or TikTok videos
  • Short Facebook posts

If it isn’t obvious by now, “short” is the name of the game. And in this regard, we especially like how physiotherapist “Magic Mike” has put out quick videos of his craft on TikTok.

This particular video of his below is only 40 seconds in duration, but it’s long enough for you to learn how to tell if someone has torn their Achilles tendon:

[Embed this TikTok video: https://www.tiktok.com/@physio_mike/video/7047349862869847301] 

3. Launch a website

If a person is in need of a physiotherapist but doesn’t know any, then chances are they’ll fire up Google to look for one online. Do you have a website that can appear in the search results when this happens?

A website gives you your own online platform to promote your services and invite website visitors to book an appointment. And if you apply search engine optimization (SEO) tactics to your website, it can rank highly for physiotherapy-related search terms—and get you organic traffic that may convert into new clients.

If you aren’t sure what your website should contain, then check out Dr. Renata Von Kouh’s. This physiotherapist has designed her website to include:

  • Her biography
  • The treatments she offers
  • Testimonials from happy clients
  • Physiotherapy-related articles to illustrate her expertise
  • Videos that show her treatments in action
  • A contact form for interested visitors to get in touch

And of course, her website states the address of her clinic, operating hours, and contact details so customers know where to find and reach out to her.

Take your physiotherapy marketing efforts online

Keen to start physio marketing services online? Then here’s a final word of advice: 

To ensure that users never forget about you, be prepared to constantly post on the platforms that we’ve discussed here—namely, social media and websites—when promoting yourself online.

That’s because people have short attention spans on social media: with a quick flick of their thumb, they’ll have moved on from your online post to the next one. Likewise, if your website looks like it hasn’t been updated in a long time, people might think that your physiotherapy clinic has gone bust.

Accordingly, you’ll need to post frequent updates on social media, and keep your website looking fresh (such as by blogging regularly), to maintain your online presence and the effectiveness of your marketing efforts.

This can take up time from your physiotherapy practice but trust us, it’s worth it. So for now, start small—and most importantly, get started!

Photo by Tima Miroshnichenko from Pexels

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