3 Key Benefits of Custom Pallets Over Standard Sized Pallets


Jurgen Deprek, Negosentro | Pallets have been used for storing and transporting all kinds of items for decades now. Pallet packing is a convenient way of keeping an item safe during transit. There is a wide variety of pallets available in all sizes and shapes. Generally, people choose the most suitable size available in the market. Not many consider the idea of custom pallets. People think it is pointless to get things as trivial as pallets to be custom made. But keeping in mind the role pallets play in keeping goods safe while transport and storage.

With pallets, stacking of products is a lot easier. People give due importance in deciding the material of the pallet they choose out of plastic, wood, steel, etc., but nobody thinks of considering getting ideal sized custom pallets for each product. Why? The obvious answer is that they cost more than the usual pallets. But given all the benefits that custom pallets have to offer, it is a small price to pay. There are so many ways in which custom pallets can benefit your business. All these benefits are not acknowledged by most people and thus nobody considers getting pallets custom made.

Some Prominent Benefits of Custom Pallets Are Mentioned Below:

  1. Easy Packing:

When the product that you need to pack is smaller than the packaging pallet, there is a lot of empty space between the product and the interior walls of the pallet. So, during transit, the product can keep moving within the pallet and there is a possibility that it can get damaged during sudden jerks. To avoid this, you need to fill the gap between the product and the pallet interiors with cardboard or plastic which act as a shock buffer. Instead, if you get the pallet custom made for the product, you do not have to go through all this trouble and pack the product perfectly and not worry about any transit damages. Also, when the pallets are custom designed, one can maintain the quality levels and prevent getting less durable pallets.

  1. Saves Space:

Consider a product that has a height of 5 inches. The pallet it is packed in has a height of 6 inches. So, in a warehouse that has a height of 30 inches, you can store 5 such pallets stacked over one another. Instead, if there are custom pallets for the same, the height of the packaged product would be 5 inches and thus, one can stack 6 pallets one over another in the same warehouse. This is a small example of how space can be saved. Imagine the difference this would make in a huge warehouse that has a lot of products to store. Same goes for transport containers. With custom pallets, you get compact and space saving packaging and thus you can transport more items in a single freight vehicle by saving space. This way, you save a lot of freight costs and transport products more efficiently.

  1. The Identity of The Company:

You must have seen pallets of famous companies which has custom pallets. For example, the products of Coca-Cola are always delivered in red coloured pallets with its logo printed on it and all the Pepsi products come in blue coloured pallets. One look at such pallets with the company logo or colour code, one can know who is delivering the products. When you get custom pallets to transport your company product, it creates an impact on the mind of buyers. The logo of the company is enough to establish an enhanced level of trust.

These 3 benefits are more than enough to inspire anyone to get custom pallets designed for transporting their company goods.

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