3 Highly Effective Tips on Mutual Fund Investment


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Planning to invest in a mutual fund is both a challenging and rewarding experience. There are tons of things that you need to take into consideration before finally taking the plunge into this new venture. Thus, you better be prepared — financially, mentally, and emotionally.

Anyone can invest in mutual funds, as long as you know and comprehend the risks. All you need is a lot of patience as well as time in order to be able to grow your money in the long run. If you are sure enough to go about it, then you have to learn the entire process thoroughly and the basic things, too.

Investing in mutual funds can be tough and stressful. However, if you keep the following tips in mind, everything will flow smoothly and successfully:

Choose what type of mutual fund suits your needs

Mutual funds are categorized by asset class, such as cash, stocks, and bonds. Through this, you can choose one that fits your preferences wisely. You can invest in a balanced fund if you are in search of a combination of stock shares, debt instruments, income, capital, and safety appreciation. It is suitable for those risk takers, who are knowledgeable of stock market investment as well as their probable gains and profit. In case you are interested with short-term bonds, fixed income securities, or special savings, then you can opt for a money market fund. This is perfect for those low risk-taking individuals who want higher returns than time deposits or regular savings.

Moreover, you can go for a bond fund if you are willing to invest in a diverse portfolio of medium to long term fixed-income instruments, such as corporate notes and government securities. An equity fund is also perfect for those who are interested in the Philippine stock market. This type of mutual fund is for aggresive investors who know the stock market very well, understand its risks, and want to maximize profit for a long period of time.

Determine your risk tolerance

It always pays off to identify your risk tolerance on this matter prior to selecting your funds. As an investor, you have ensure that you have an idea of how much risk you can afford to tolerate. In fact, risk tolerance is the ups and downs you can handle. If you are able to accept dramatic swings in market value, the better. Simply determine the measure of the market risk you can put up with and you won’t be having any trouble with your investment.

Know where to invest mutual funds

Since investing money can be intimidating, you have to be sure that you only deal with licensed mutual fund companies in the country. You can trust the Philippine stock market, Philam Assessment Management, Inc., or any credible financial institutions. In addition, you can check out Securities and Exchange Commission or Philippine Investment Funds Association to look for various mutual funds available.

Overall, everyone wants to gain financial freedom. You can do so by either saving or investing your hard-earned money to a trustworthy financial company. Knowing your risk tolerance, goals, and type of funds you want to invest in can absolutely increase your chances of success in this field. Thus, consider these smart tips mentioned above and you will be able to invest in mutual funds triumphantly.