3 Extraordinary Christmas Gifts in 2019

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To make your Christmas gifts in 2019 extraordinary really requires only one thing. That you put some thought into finding the perfect gift for your recipients to find something that suits them and their personality.  We are all busy people, working hard to bring new ideas to fruition, whilst also nurturing both our business and personal relationships to create the best work-life balance that we can. Your gift can help create that balance, being great for business and for pleasure.


For a Christmas gift that will last a lifetime, a piece of jewellery is ideal. This is a perfect gift for your nearest and dearest, from dazzling diamonds and elegant earrings to watches and activity trackers. Jewellery offers a multitude of options for Christmas gifts for her, but whether buying for men, women or children, there is a piece of jewellery for everyone.

Remember that the most popular days to propose marriage include Christmas Eve and Christmas Day.  If you don’t want to get down on one knee, it is best not to buy a ring for your girlfriend these holidays as she may mistake it for an engagement ring. Instead, consider a romantic gift set of rose pendant and earrings in red, the colour of passion. For those who don’t wear much jewellery, a gilded natural rose, gilded at the peak of perfection, is beautiful home décor that will last a lifetime. 

A bag for all seasons

For those commuting to work, a secure, durable, weather-resistant bag will protect all their belongings from the elements and any possible damage to their laptop. A high-quality bag also makes a good impression to others. A laptop backpack or slingback bag, with a padded compartment, will keep their laptop in the right position, with space for notebooks, gadgets and other items. Tote bags are versatile as well as being a fashion statement. For those who travel a lot, a three-in-one bag that can be a briefcase, a backpack, and a carry-on bag attached to your luggage, can shift from professional to a personal mode in an instant. 

Whichever bag you decide upon, choose a colour or style that suits the person you are buying for, from vegan leather, carved in wood, covered in sequins or in this seasons colours of a calm blue, chive or orange. Many bags are also available with anti-theft features so they cannot be cut, that protects cards from being scammed, and that deters pickpockets. 

Headphones or speakers

Headphones come in a variety of forms, from a traditional overhead pair, but also wireless, sports-focused, or headphones that work with a smartphone. For those who travel a lot or who work in a busy environment, the best gift would be noise-cancelling headphones that can easily switch from blocking all background noise to “attention mode” to bring in ambient noise or conversation. With most headphones you can also skip tracks, change volume or make or take calls with a simple touch. 

For music, podcasts or audiobooks, a Bluetooth speaker is offering good sound quality. Physics dictates that the bigger the speaker, the better the quality. Even though size isn’t everything with smart technology, size and power need to be considered when choosing the best speaker as a gift. Also, consider the battery size and look for Bluetooth 5.0 as the most reliable connection with a smartphone, even from a distance. For outdoor entertaining, a water-resistant speaker is perfect for pool parties, particularly those that accentuate the bass. Alternatives are a dual Bluetooth and Wi-Fi speaker that can be used at home and when away.

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