25 Bayanihan Heroes who Acted Early on the Call to Help Covid-19 Frontliners

Bayanihan Heroes

Negosentro.com |25 Bayanihan Heroes who Acted Early on the Call to Help Covid-19 Frontliners | Good Samaritans still do exist in this modern time especially amidst the Covid-19 crisis that our nation has been battling lately. The pandemic coronavirus has not just affected the Philippines but other countries as well. Compared to first world countries, The Philippines has much less workforce to cure the infected locals, less government budget for food ration in every household and not enough medical facilities and test kits to check if every Filipino is infected by the deadly virus or not.

During this tough time, where the majority are affected, companies had to stop their operations for the meantime and employees have no other means to support their daily needs, the Bayanihan spirit has been witnessed and experienced by most of us. Our frontliners put their health at risk and sacrificed the supposed to be time for their family for the call of duty as they aim to flatten the curve of the infectious disease. Those frontliners are the medical practitioners and those who are working in the medical facilities (they make sure they clean and sanitize the medical equipment that our doctors and nurses use to treat their patients), police and army, fire volunteers, garbage collectors, people who work in groceries, restaurants, logistics and the likes. As the pandemic continues to spread across the country and claim lives, the unlikeliest heroes rise up. They have shown their support, empathy, and kindness regardless of their social status. Here are some of the individuals and small/medium enterprises who have shown their support to our unsung heroes.

1. Domenic Japanese Foods 

A Japanese diner from Malabon City that has been very generous in giving heartwarming support to the frontliners of Malabon and Navotas City Hospital and Fire volunteers. The diner showed their selflessness by providing Japanese meals for five consecutive days and still counting.

2. Glorious Blend Coffee

Glorious Blend kept our frontliners stay awake and alert with their coffee that has a mixture of healthy ingredients from malunggay, mangosteen, gotu kola and sweet & fit stevia. Frontliners from Venezuela Hospital, Taguig Checkpoints, Delgado Hospital, Makati Medical Center, San Lazaro Hospital and Monumento to Bocaue Checkpoints have experienced and enjoyed the benefits of coffee from Glorious Blend

3. Unite Us One Riders Club

A group of motor riders from Tanza, Navotas City took the opportunity to give back and provide food and masks to our courageous frontliners. 

4. Tokyo Style Diner

A couple who owns this restaurant from Marikina City has produced thousands of meals per day for our frontliners to be distributed in different hospitals and checkpoints. 

5. MyRainbow Place Dormitory

Frontliners who were assigned or working near Tandang Sora, Quezon City has an option to stay in this newly built dormitory owned by David Lim for free. This is their way of helping the frontliners who are risking their lives for us. 

6. Mang Boyong

A street vendor selling taho who choose to give away a popular Filipino food to the frontliners who are working tirelessly under the heat of the sun and who are assigned in Valenzuela-Bulacan boundary. According to him, He gives away taho because it is hard to work without enough sleep and taho can somehow help them regain their strength. 

7. Reynaldo and Ester Cruz

Tatay Rey and Nanay Baby are both senior citizens from Malolos, Bulacan who owns a small sari-sari store located in Malolos Public Market. Despite of the temporary closure of their source of income due to the enhance community lockdown, the couple still opted to share what they have to health workers in Malolos by preparing them meals.  

8. Wu’s Kitchen

Feeding the frontliners is a joy for the owner of this restaurant from Kapitolyo, Pasig. Frontliners in Delos Santos Medical Center, St Luke’s Medical Center, East Avenue Medical Center, V. Luna, Rosario Maclang Hospital, PGH, San Lazaro Hospital, Manila Doctors Hospital, UST Hospital, and RITM Alabang enjoyed sumptuous Chinese food from the generous heart of Wu’s Kitchen. 

9. Dianne Alegar Dimaano, RND

A Registered Nutrition and Dietician, mother of two and online seller shows her support by giving away baked goodies to the medical practitioners, policemen, and soldiers in San Pascual, Batangas City.

10. Kanto Freestyle

Kanto Freestyle part-owner, Vincent Juanta has shown his gratitude to the nearby hospital frontliners from their restaurant branches in Marikina, Pasig, San Juan, Makati, Manila, and BGC by sending them food packs through Transportify. 

11. SHI LIN 

Taiwanese Restaurant, Shi Lin gave their support to the medical workers in Fabella, Jose Reyes, Medical Center Taguig, East Avenue Medical Hospital, PGH, and Mandaluyong City Medical Center and military frontliners by having them enjoy meals prepared by their restaurant staff.  

12. Andrew Sy

A young entrepreneur who made an effort to bring cups of milk tea for frontliners working at EAMC.

13. Zoo Crew Philippines

The team showed their support to our unsung heroes by preparing free meals and crafting masks for them.

14. JV Graphics

This printer from Bulacan produced and donated protective gear like aerosol boxes and face shields for our frontliners in different hospitals.

15. Michael Punzalan

A Grab Driver who choose to serve the public by driving all the way from Lingayen, Pangasinan to give a free ride to those people he would see walking. 

16. Mond Abua

An entrepreneur and resident of Cavite City, Mond Abua produced protective masks for frontliners within the vicinity free of charge.

 17. La Carnita Modern Mexicana Cantina

A joint initiative with @saltabypappareph and good friends, this Mexican restaurant was able to feed frontliners at major hospitals in Quezon City and 10 checkpoints.

18. Triple8jpgoodies

An online seller who opted to prepare merienda food packs and water for Covid-19 frontliners as we go on enhance community quarantine.

19. Lady Jane Muceros

Public school teacher, mother of two and a baker who gave frontliners at the Lung Center of the Philippines pastries that she usually bakes as her another source of income. 

20. Marison’s 

A Filipino-themed Restaurant showed a good deed by distributing food packs for our courageous frontliners.

21. Smok Sausage Hub

Hearty meals for the frontliners in Quezon Province were given from the generous hearts of this diner. It sure made the day of our hardworking frontliners in Quezon, proving that bayanihan heroes thrive in the province..

22. Leoning’s Pancit Palabok

Ace Medical Center Quezon City has sent their sincerest gratitude for the food of our modern-day bayanihan heroes from Leoning’s Pancit Palabok. It sure was a pleasant surprise for our frontliners.

23. Dampa Express – Calamba City

With an unexpected enhanced community quarantine, Dampa-Express has shown its support to the frontliners of the city of Laguna through the distribution of hearty meals for those people who try to keep the pandemic curve low. Well done, for our bayanihan heroes in Calamba City!

24. PHP Family Salon  

Four hospitals in the Bicol region have felt the love from this family-owned business through the healthy meals and merienda prepared for their medical practitioners. PHP Family Salon has proven that bayanihan heroes exist in Bicol, too!

25. Uncle John’s Sizzling House

With a continuous effort from this eatery to gather funds from friends and colleagues, these bayanihan heroes from Valenzuela City were able to give back to the frontliners of their city and was aiming for another round of charity deed.

Through this feature at Negosentro.com, we are honoring these bayanihan heroes who have faced their own dangers while supporting the Covid-19 frontliners in the hospitals and checkpoints in Luzon. May your Bayanihan Tribe increase!

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