2020 Beauty Ecommerce Strategies

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Negosentro2020 Beauty Ecommerce Strategies | Retail therapy is real, and that is why everybody loves the idea of shopping, but these days, it’s no longer limited to the four walls of a physical shop. Brick-and-mortar stores have more costly overhead and operating expenses, while small businesses are now flourishing from their homes through the internet. 

People are growing crazy about Korean skincare and beauty products, and this rise in demand will help your ecommerce site to succeed. If you want to start your Korean beauty ecommerce website, you can check out Asia Beauty Wholesale. The site offers the best beauty brands for a competitive price. Click here if you want to check out their extensive product selection.

Now that you’ve scouted a reliable supplier, these are the steps to follow if you want to succeed in the beauty ecommerce industry:

1. Social Media Marketing Takeover

Social media has taken the world by storm, and it has even created an entire beauty empire by exclusively doing an exclusive online shopping experience. With the help of influencers, content creators, and beauty vloggers, household names like Glossier and Colourpop have gained popularity using their custom-made digital ecommerce platforms. Both companies are now close competitors with beauty brand veterans Maybelline and MAC Cosmetics. By 2017, Glossier grew its profits by a staggering 275%. 

This data only goes to show how useful and powerful the internet is. Your brand can gain influence and profits with the correct marketing tool. As a brand, remember to make content that can keep your clients engaged and keep showering them with relevant marketing antics. Here are a few marketing tips to keep in mind:

  • Promote seasonal sales on your eCommerce website.
  • Look for local beauty bloggers and influencers that you can send products. Let them promote or review your brand. 
  • Have a social media giveaway promo on your Facebook or Instagram.
  • Create a hashtag.
  • Branding is essential; create a site that looks clean, chic, and easy to navigate.

Social media today is a lot easier to maximize more than ever. Facebook and Instagram offer a boost option that can let your marketing ads appear to specific people and age groups after paying. Familiarize the essential marketing tools online to have a successful beauty ecommerce business this year. 

2. Digital Discovery Tools

The beauty ecommerce success is made possible because of brands that bring out digital tools and mobile sales. These vital tools will help clients have a try-on experience with mobile phones or tablets. Some brands have collaborated with Instagram Stories and Snapchat filters that can give users augmented reality (AR) and experience their beauty products digitally.

3. Sampling Products

The first company to successfully launch beauty ecommerce was Birchbox, a brand that produced different beauty samples to their online subscribers. The business made an impact on the market, and other brands started following their footsteps. The surprise boxes are delivered to their doorstep every month, and they are always new and personalized according to taste.

You can do the same for your products. The gift-like element of surprise is guaranteed to make your clients feel valued and unique. The gift strategy is a great way to attract more subscribers. Create an exclusive offer that your customers can’t find anywhere else. Through your subscription services, you can choose to offer more incentives to your clients by giving exclusive discounts to the full-sized version of the sample product featured that month.

Every time a recipient receives a particular sample that they enjoy, they will then visit your ecommerce page to start buying the full version of that product and browse other items that match their taste. Let your customers try a particular product first to earn loyalty and trust. 

4. Unfiltered and Raw Reviews

Shopping in beauty ecommerce websites has pros and cons, but one thing to be glad about is reading reviews from actual users of the products. These online beauty shops can provide honest reviews from their buyers, whether these are good or bad. Customers can read how real people react to a particular product with different skin types, and skin tone will give you more ideas and information before making a purchase. Most ecommerce websites have a 60 days return or refund policy, which can be a great deal for buyers.

Final Thoughts

Ecommerce businesses are now responsible for the 10% total consumer and spending growth each year. Beauty ecommerce is one of the fastest-growing and most successful niches brought about by the Korean entertainment industry. If you’re looking for a growing niche to try on your ecommerce site, you can take a page from the great beauty ecommerce players and start your journey.