20 Ways of Incorporating Facebook into Classrooms for Better Learning

20 Ways of Incorporating Facebook into Classrooms for Better Learning 2020 - Negosentro
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Negosentro| 20 Ways of Incorporating Facebook into Classrooms for Better Learning |Today, you can use Facebook to find educational resources, connect with students and teachers beyond boundaries, and gather interesting insights.

Here is how Facebook can be used in and outside classrooms for education. 

  1. Students can follow the social media handles of journalists and media houses to gather current news clips and use the data in classroom discussions.
  2. Students can attend lectures from around the world using Facebook.
  3. Students can conduct public polling by asking questions on Facebook for first-hand research.
  4. They can team up with classmates and take up challenges posted on educational outlets or organizations.
  5. Teachers can ask students to form a team and brainstorm on a topic on the classroom’s Facebook page.
  6. Students can host a Facebook book club, where each student has to review one book in every 15 days.
  7. Teachers can share mock tests and practice sheets with students on Facebook to help them prepare for exams.
  8. Students can take on a journalism project and report on sports results, campus news, events, and more.
  9. Teachers and students can share archived videos of important lectures, slides, and more via Facebook.
  10. Teachers can post better synonyms, definitions and phrases on Facebook to help students build a strong vocabulary.
  11. Teachers can use the Questions app to ask students questions about current topics, their stand on recurring issues and more.
  12. Teachers can ask their pupils for feedback on assignments and activities to understand what they like and what they don’t.
  13. Facebook’s collaborative nature can be tapped to allows students to participate in writing workshops with instructor oversight.
  14. Facebook can be used to bring introvert and shy students out of their shells and encourage them to participate in discussions minus the peer review in class.
  15. For students learning foreign languages, they can use Facebook to connect with speakers around the world to brush up their language skills.
  16. Students can create study groups to connect with each other and ask for help on a homework problem.
  17. Teachers can use Facebook to be familiar with the names and faces of their pupils by learning more about their hobbies and interests.
  18. Teachers can share positive updates and laud a student’s performance in class to motivate him or her.
  19. Both teachers and students can use Facebook to save paper by eliminating the need for flyers and submitting assignments in PDF, JPG or sound file.
  20. They can make studying fun by hosting contests on Facebook to keep the kids more engaged.

Facebook goes beyond sharing memes, giving check-ins and updating timeliness with vapid statuses. Bookmark this image to use Facebook to its fullest potential. 


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