12 Things To Do For Becoming a Graphic Designer

Want to become a graphic designer? But not sure where to start? There can be many reasons that may not be allowing you to get on the track 2020 - Negosentro
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Negosentro.com12 Things To Do For Becoming a Graphic Designer | Want to become a graphic designer? But not sure where to start? There can be many reasons that may not be allowing you to get on the track. One of the most important of all the reasons will be the time problem. Whereas some may think that they will become a graphic designer within a period of one month but that’s not the true case. They have to learn principles of graphic designing and this needs time. 

Graphic designing is a process that uses photography, printing, illustrations for visual communication and problem-solving. It is important to note that designers create and combine images, symbols, and text to form a visual representation of an idea. There are two main components that you need to know is:

  •   Principle of graphic design (Color, Typography, Composition)
  •   Editing Programs (Adobe Suite)

In the following blog, we will be talking about the twelve things that you need to know how to become a graphic designer?

1- Read Interesting Books

There is nothing better than books. Grab your book, sit on a comfortable armchair, take a cup of coffee, and start reading it. Remember that you will not find the design books in all bookstores because they are expensive. In addition to this, online e-books can be free and can be much cheaper as compared to their physical versions.

You can also search for some of the online reading platforms like Scribd.com. This website is having a good selection of design books with monthly subscription.

2- Subscribe To Blogs

Just like books, blogs will also provide you a sufficient amount of knowledge. You should make a list of some of the interesting graphic design blogs to follow and subscribe to them for reading information related to graphic designing.

Some of the best blog sites are creativeblog.com, medium.com, and 99designs.com

3- Do Online Courses

There are several learning platforms where you can learn graphic design online Some of the best are listed below:

Udemy.com: You can find a course of 2 hours/ 20 hours/ 200 hours. You can get various offers and the different price tags for the courses.

Lynda.com and Skillshare.com: Here you have to access all the available courses with a monthly subscription with a variable price tag.

You should pick the best online graphic design courses according to your own needs and the skill you want to learn.

4- Listen To Podcasts

How much time do you spend in traffic on your way to school, supermarket, or job? You can utilize this time in learning as well. Instead of looking at the window, you should listen to the interesting podcasts. You should listen to them in order to increase your knowledge. Some of the interesting ones are The Futur, The Deeply Graphic Design cast, UI Breakfast, and many more.

Still confused how the designing will be done? You should hire the best website design agency in Boston to make your website attractive. You should pay more attention on the UI and UX element of your website to make it easy for the user to browse across your website.

5- Take Expert Guidance

Why it is good to have a mentor? You can have a mentor or you can get in touch with mentors around the globe to learn the skills. You should create a list of favorite designers that will motivate you and you should see how they are communicating and what values they are having, and etc.

6- Practice Is Essential

Just for the sake of learning, you should start reproducing the work of famous and skilled designers. This will be beneficial because you will learn a thing and with practice, you will become an expert one day. You can recreate a logo, an illustration, and flyer copying from anyone to see how things work. By doing this you will have a different experience instead of just looking at the design. You should practice regularly.

7- Draw and Draw

Design starts in your mind, continue on paper, and then transferred to the computer. It is important to note that many of the designers grew up with a pencil in their hand and they use the wall of their room as their notebook or a drawing board.

You never know when you can get inspiration. So, it is better to keep a notebook and a pencil with you.

8- Feedback is Important

It is a fact that negative feedback is not pleasant but this will be the driving force that will enable you to learn more. You should try to get feedback and then try to improve the things that are lacking in your practice. This is important because when you will be working for clients, then you have to listen to them and have to work according to their feedback.

9- Proper Planning

Proper planning should be there. You should plan things well for avoiding the problem of information mismanagement. Move step by step, no need to hurry. Learn things day by day. Remember that by spending more time you will learn things better.

10- Never Stop

The learning process should be continuous. You should not stop yourself at any point during your journey. Once you have learned all the basic things, then you should move toward the advanced knowledge. It is important to increase your knowledge regarding marketing, copywriting, communication, sales, research, and psychology, etc. to become an expert.

11- Follow the Trends

Every industry is having new trends. Being a graphic designer, you should also keep an eye on the latest graphic design trends in the industry. With this, you will stay updated and you can always learn new things.

12- Networking is Essential

Networking is important if you want to grow. Go to events, interact with people and develop your network. In this way, you can share your knowledge and also get knowledge from others due to their experience. When you will be meeting people, then you might find a mentor who can guide you in better regarding graphic designing.


Hope you will be following these twelve tips to become a graphic designer. Nothing is easy, you have to invest your time and try your best to achieve your goals


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