11 Career Options In the Field Of Nutrition

Field of Nutrition
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Negosentro.com | 11 Career Options In the Field Of Nutrition | Science is increasingly recognizing the role nutrition plays in weight, athletic performance and overall health. This increase in understanding has led to growth in career opportunities in the field of nutrition. These are 11 potential career options related to nutrition.

1. Clinical Settings

Hospitals, HMOs, long-term care facilities and other health care organizations employ nutritionists to provide patients with nutrition education and nutritional therapy. People in these careers work with doctors, nurses and therapists to improve health outcomes for patients with conditions such as obesity, diabetes, eating disorders, kidney disease, heart disease and other conditions. As part of their role, they may recommend products such as protein shakes or green superfoods powder to supplement patients’ diets.

2. Private Practice

A nutrition professional working in private practice may run their own business or contract with health care or food companies. They typically provide nutrition screenings and assessments for their patients or patients referred to them by other medical professionals. Services offered may include weight loss advice or dietary changes to improve medical conditions such as high cholesterol, high blood pressure or diabetes. They may provide individual counseling or offer services to food vendors, restaurant managers, nursing home residents, company employees and athletes.

3. Foodservice

Nutrition professionals working in the foodservice industry may manage the foodservice operations of hospitals, schools, day-care centers, correctional facilities or other large organizations. In this role, you may be responsible for operations ranging from food purchasing and preparation to hiring and managing staff.

4. Public Health

In a public health setting, you will educate, monitor and counsel the public about how they can increase their quality of life by improving their nutrition. In this role, you may work directly with children, families, the elderly and pregnant women.

5. Food and Nutrition Industry

Companies in the food and nutrition industry need nutrition experts to work in product development, communications, public relations, consumer affairs and marketing. These companies may produce food products or supplements or promote nutrition-related services, such as weight-loss plans. These roles require people with an aptitude for business and entrepreneurship.

6. Research and Education

People who work in nutrition research and education may be employed by universities, governmental agencies, food and pharmaceutical companies or medical centers. They are responsible for educating nurses, dietetic students, physicians and others about the science of food and nutrition. Research positions usually involve conducting experiments that attempt to solve problems or answer questions that can be applied to nutritional recommendations.

7. Sports and Wellness Nutrition

Many elite athletes, professional, college and recreational sports teams work with nutrition professionals to enhance athletic performance through better nutrition. People working in this field may recommend diet plans, provide nutrition education and provide nutritional assessments for clients. Sports and wellness nutritionists may work for themselves or be employed by specific organizations or individuals.

8. Catering

Caterers prepare, transport and serve food at events, such as weddings, parties and company meetings. Companies and organizations that are interested in promoting healthful eating may employ nutrition experts to provide healthy catering options.

9. Restaurants

Consumers are increasingly demanding healthier food options from restaurants. As a nutrition expert, you may provide nutrition advice to a chef or incorporate your nutrition knowledge into your own career as a chef or open your own nutrition-focused restaurant.

10. Publications

If you enjoy writing, a career writing nutrition-related articles or blog posts for magazines, newspapers and online sites may be right for you. You may find work as a freelance writer or an employee of a specific publication, or you can choose to publish your own work in print or online.

11. Product Development

Nutrition experts who work in product development may research shelf-life, industrial trials, and sensory testing. They may also test products for safety and compliance with regulations.

There are many potential career paths for people interested in the field of nutrition. If one of these 11 options doesn’t appeal to you, there are many others to choose from.

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