10 Writing Tips to Build a Branding Strategy for Your Startup

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10 Writing Tips to Build a Branding Strategy for Your Startup | What do you need to make your startup a success? You need a great product idea, a brilliant team, and a winning branding strategy. through a brand development company.

Yep, branding strategy is more than important. In fact, a great startup idea is worth nothing if the product is not positioned and promoted right.

Do you have a dream to grow your startup into something big? Use the following writing tips to build an outstanding branding strategy and get your startup world-famous.

Define your goals, vision, and mission

Before you build a branding strategy, you should build an overall strategy for your startup. You should define your goals while also outline your vision and mission. 

You should clarify what specific results your team expects to achieve. Also, you should specify what difference your product will make in the world. It will be a starting point for you to realize how you should position and promote your brand.

Set the right tone

Depending on your goals and vision, you should choose a tone of voice that matches your brand. The tone can be formal or informal, friendly or expert, educational or informative, engaging or even sassy.

Here you need to decide what tone appeals to your target audience the most. If you target generation Z, you should use an informal and friendly tone. But if you target older generations, or if your product is designed for experts in a specific niche, then you should opt for an expert tone. 

Solve pain points

Promoting your startup brand, you should focus more on your customers rather than your brand itself. Define customer pain points and explain how your startup can solve them. It will allow you to grab your target audience’s attention and spread the word about your brand.

Basically, people do not care about startups and their products. But they do care about the brands that understand their needs. So if you shift your focus from your product to customer needs, you will achieve great marketing results. 

Be aware of the competition

Your startup competes with dozens of other companies. Therefore, one of your main tasks is to define the key competitors and analyze their branding strategies. You should find out how your rivals position their brands and what marketing instruments they use to engage the audience.

Such analysis will help you understand what strategies work in your niche while also what strategies have already been used. It will give you an idea of what you should do differently to grab the customers’ attention.

Develop your name and tagline

Every successful branding strategy starts with choosing a catchy brand name and tagline. If you haven’t come up with a brand name, we highly suggest you discuss ideas with your team. Your team needs to find a very special word or phrase that describes your product while also resonates with your customers.

What about the tagline, it should be sweet and simple, yet it needs to have clear messaging. When people hear your motto for the first time, they should be able to guess what your startup is all about.

Build a content marketing strategy

Branding goes hand in hand with content marketing. So if you want to start promoting your brand, you should create a content marketing strategy. You should decide what type of content you will create and how you will distribute it across different channels. For instance, you need to decide whether you will run a blog and whether you will grow your presence on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

Use “you” and “yours”

Every time you write about your product, you should use pronouns “you” and “yours” rather than “we” and “our”. Here is an example. Instead of writing, “Our Z product is designed to solve X problem”, you can write, “Using Z product, you can solve your X problem”. It will not change the meaning of your statement, yet it will make it sound more personal and engaging.


Every piece of branded content you create must be perfect in terms of grammar. Why? Because poor grammar may negatively affect your brand. If you make a mistake in a business report, email, or tweet, you will unlikely make a good first impression on investors and customers. 

Make it a habit to double-check everything you write. If you don’t have outstanding proofreading skills, consider getting professional help. Check reviews of SpeedyPaper and hire an editor who will help you polish your writing.

Keep it consistent

If you want to boost your branding efforts, you should keep your tone of voice and writing style consistent across all channels. Whether you write a marketing email or Facebook post, you should use the same wording and the same style. Such consistency will make your brand more noticeable and help your customers distinguish your startup from other brands. 

Be open to changes

Every time your startup reaches a new milestone, you should revisit your branding strategy. You should check whether it matches your current goals and whether it fits the market.  

In the business world, changes are inevitable. So you need to improve and update your strategy to make it work in the long run.

In conclusion

A well-written branding strategy is vital for the success of your startup. So make sure that you put enough time and effort into completing this task. Do your research, get feedback from your customers, make continuous improvements, and you will be one step ahead of the competition.

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