10 Ways To Use Wallpaper For Your Home

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Negosentro | When it comes to renovating your home, you’ll want to make sure that you have the best walls as well. One of the best ways to decorate these corners of your home would be with wallpaper, known to have a ton of benefits compared to using paint, a tedious and expensive task. But besides covering up all your walls, what else are the different ways on using wall paper?

Read on as I show you ten creative and unexpected ways you can use wallpaper for an awesomely-decorated home!

  • On Your Door

Besides your walls, did you know that you’ll be able to decorate your door as all? Instead of the usual wooden door, why not go for a unique and bold pattern against the plain painted walls to give your entrance some spazz? It’s time to focus on the entryways as well and have it match your home!

  • Cover Only Half The Wall

You don’t need to cover all four walls of a room to make your house look amazing. Try covering only the half top or bottom of the wall, which can give an amazing look without overwhelming the room. A popular style is to cover the top half of your wall and paneling it at the lower bottom.

  • Installing Two Papers On One Wall

If you want something bold, then cover the top half of your wall with paper and the bottom part with another pattern. I would take caution with the patterns you house though, as this is an extremely strong look which can make or break your design. Make sure your patterns compliment and do not fight with each other. Go for half stripes and half toile for attention OR tone-on-tone patterns for a simple theme.

  • On The Ceiling

We’re always on our phones that we don’t bother looking up, leaving our ceilings alone to the point that it creates cracks and leaks. But the ceiling is our fifth wall and it gives us an opportunity to have some fun with it! Go for a very decorative or bold pattern to make your ceiling pop. When you do want to have wallpaper installed, I suggest that you have a professional do the job for you as it’s a bit awkward if you did it on your own.

  • Inside A Bookcase

This is another awesome way to put more life into your furniture! Try adding bold patterns inside your bookcase or its exteriors for more flair and design. Another plus is that you’ll also get to protect the bookcase’s material while making it look even better.

  • On Your Lampshade

Another piece of furniture you can play with would be your lampshade. After all, wouldn’t it add a quaint touch in your bedroom? For those with plain or damaged lampshades, salvage or design it with wallpaper, adding an instant flair. Plus, it’s extremely easy to do with just a spray adhesive! You can add the wallpaper inside the lampshade or outside it.

  • Use As Artwork

Do you have a plain wall but can’t seem to find the perfect wallpaper to fully cover it with? Or if you want to have artwork (but can’t afford the patterns and paintings yet), you can frame wallpaper and use it as a quick decoration.

  • On Your Stairs

Just like your bookcases, your stairs needs some love and not just the usual boring shades and colors. Add some pizzazz to the railings or staircases, putting flair everywhere to match the design of your home!

  • Photo Backdrops  

I love scraps of vintage wallpaper as they make such a cute and quaint backdrop! It looks very chic especially for bridal or baby shower photoshoots. You can also recycle the old wallpapers when wrapping gifts right after, so there’s no need to throw away anything.

  • Flower Pots

And lastly, why not make a fun project with your kids and begin decorating flower pots? You can use floral patterns to make your gardening pots look well-decorated for the garden and match the beautiful greens that will grow in there. Your children will love it!

Wrapping It Up

Wallpaper isn’t just for covering all your walls but can be used in so many creative ways that can make your home look even better. Through learning more about how wallpaper can be used for, you can now beautify your home and utilize any leftover wallpaper you have lying around.

I hope that this article on how to use wallpaper for your home gave you an idea on what you should start doing to make your home look even better. So don’t wait any longer and start trying out these ideas today!

If you have any questions or would like to share your tips and experiences on how to use wallpaper, then comment down below. I would love to hear what you have to think.

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