10 Tips for Improving Fuel Efficiency of Medium-Duty Trucks

10 Tips for Improving Fuel Efficiency of Medium-Duty Trucks  Five Ways Transportation Management Systems Trucking Business in the US

Negosentro | 10 Tips for Improving Fuel Efficiency of Medium-Duty Trucks | Every driver wants better fuel efficiency. That is true with truck drivers, just like with every other vehicle. If you get better fuel efficiency, then ultimately, you will save money.

Whether you drive an International Durastar or one of the other top truck varieties, you should know about some techniques that can get you better fuel efficiency. We’ll talk about some of those right now. 

Shift Less

Assuming you are not using an automatic transmission, you can get better fuel efficiency when driving your vehicle if you shift as few times as possible. When you shift, that burns fuel. Learning to only shift in your truck when you have no other alternative can help you in this area.

Optimize Routing

If you’re getting from Point A to Point B, you probably have phone apps now that can get you there the fastest. If you can also learn to avoid high-traffic areas, that kind of route optimization can help you save fuel. This knowledge usually only comes after you’ve taken a particular trip a few times.

Be Mindful of Your Interval

The interval is how much distance you leave between your truck and the vehicle ahead. If you maintain a safe interval, you will not have to press down on the brakes so hard if the vehicle ahead of you stops. Harsh braking burns fuel, so avoid that.

Try Idling Less

If you’re idling at a truck stop before hitting the road again, you’re burning fuel. Try to do it as little as possible. Turn the truck off if you’re sitting there for a while.

Speed Less

Contrary to what some people think, slowing down while driving over 60 mph improves your speed economy. Don’t drive at 75 miles per hour. It’s unsafe, and you’re also getting worse fuel efficiency.

Cruise Control

Using cruise control can give you better fuel economy. Some trucks also come with adaptive cruise control now. That helps you even more in this area.   

Maintain a Consistent Speed

If you’re not using cruise control, then at least maintain a consistent speed. Accelerating burns fuel, so the more you can avoid that, the better shape you’ll be in if you’re thinking about conservation.

Look at Any Aerodynamic Devices

You will always have certain aerodynamic devices attached to your truck. Check their status regularly. Make sure they are not ripped or dangling. If they are, repair them. That will help your fuel economy.

Check Your Tire Pressure

If you have tires that stay consistently inflated to the amount that’s recommended in your truck’s operating manual, that should help your fuel economy. If you have underinflated tires, you will not be operating at peak efficiency. 

Use Smooth Acceleration

As you become a more experienced driver, you can usually learn to accelerate smoothly. When you do so, you’ll get better fuel economy. Ragged, stop-and-go acceleration burns through fuel at a rapid pace.

If you can master these techniques and strategies, your truck should do well in the area of fuel economy. 


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