10 Simple Steps to Take to Secure New Clients in 2018

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Wendy Dressler, Negosentro |  There is no sure-fire way to gain new clients. Your success will come down to the time, energy, and hard work you put into expanding your network, building relationships, and marketing your business. For help increasing your database and profit margin, read the following ten simple steps to take to secure new clients in 2018.

  • Ask Your Current Clients for Referrals

Don’t wait for referrals to naturally come your way. Simply ask your existing clients for referrals. If a client is happy with the services you have provided so far, they might be more than happy to recommend you to their friends, family, professional network, or suppliers. So, simply drop them a short, professional email asking for them to recommend you to their professional or personal network.

  • Start Blogging

Boost your online presence in the search engines and establish yourself as an industry leader by writing and publishing regular blog posts on your website. Write about topics that relate to your services and industry, which should be helpful, informative, and interesting, so they appeal to potential clients. Ensure you only produce well-written content that will reflect the quality of your products and services, while proving you have meticulous attention to detail.

Of course, blogging can take a great deal of time and work, as you will need to publish high-quality, unique copy on your website consistently. For this reason, you should consider contacting EMS Business Consulting for content marketing services.

  • Attend a Networking Event

Don’t sit behind a computer hunting for clients. Step away from your desk for the day to attend a networking event, such as a conference or exhibition. Yet, if you attend events where all your competitors are, you might find it difficult to meet new clients in need of your services. You should, therefore, consider joining events that will welcome professionals from various industries, so you can mix with people from various sectors who might need your services.

  • Become a Guest Speaker at a Conference

Do you have plenty of knowledge and experience to share with people both inside and outside of your industry? As well as attending a conference, consider speaking at one, too. Reach out to a conference organizer to ask whether you can become a guest speaker at the event. Pitch them the topic idea you will deliver to an audience, and back up your pitch with your skills and experience within an industry. You can then highlight your expertise at the event while educating your audience, which could improve your personal brand and help you to forge new relationships with delegates, who could become future clients.

  • Join LinkedIn

When you are not networking for new clients at events, you should network online, too. There is no better place to do so than on LinkedIn, as the social media network aims to connect hard-working professionals from across the globe. Create a LinkedIn profile with up-to-date information, work samples, and blog posts. You should then reach out to prospective clients through direct messaging or writing a friendly response on their posts, which could help you secure a new gig.

In addition to seeking new clients online, you should also import and connect with your current contacts and clients, so you can share your blogs and news with them via the LinkedIn news feed. It’s also an effective way to learn more about upcoming events within your local area to attend, too.

  • Run an Ad Campaign to Promote Your Services

Promote your services by running an effective ad campaign to capture your target audience’s attention. Both Google AdWords and Facebook Ads allow you to run advertisements for a small amount each day, so you can publish a campaign that complements your budget to increase brand awareness and sales.

  • Gain Free Press Coverage

Boost your brand awareness by gaining press coverage, which will help you to stand out as an expert on a topic. All you need to do is reach out to reporters or publishers with a unique angle they might be willing to cover. However, avoid pitching your company or services, and simply try to become an expert on a subject, as you could offer quotes or tips to help back-up an article’s credibility. This could capture the attention of a potential client, who might reach out to invest in your professional products or services.

  • Embark on a Cold Email Campaign

Are you waiting for the telephone to ring? This is a big mistake. Start putting yourself out there to secure new clients. A cold email campaign can be an effective way to generate leads, as you can simply send a pitch to a prospective client stating why they might benefit from your products or services. Don’t forget to make the email as personal to the recipient as possible to encourage a reply, or they might quickly delete your email from their inbox.

  • Follow Up with Old Contacts

Review your past email conversations with old clients, colleagues, or connections, who might now benefit from your products and services. Send a friendly email asking how they are, what they have been up to and how you can help them. A personal, helpful email might be all it takes to strengthen a relationship and increase your sales. Even if they are not in need of your services now, they might know someone who is and could be more than happy to refer you to a new client.

  • Offer Something for Free

Encourage clients to your business by offering them something for free. Try to provide new customers with something of value to encourage their custom. For example, you could offer a free monthly trial, so they will have nothing to lose by trying your products or services for themselves. While some clients might drop off after the first month, others might be happy to pay good money for your services once the trial period is over.

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