10 Signs That Your Loved One is suffering from Alzheimer


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As you age, most people joke that you become a baby again. This means that you may not have the ability to do the various daily activities on your own such as cleaning up and moving around the home. Old people will also show some signs of forgetfulness but in some instances, this may be a bit too much and requires attention.

Alzheimer’s disease most often attacks aging persons and the bad thing are that you may not notice it in good time thinking it is normal aging. It is important to find out early enough so that you can take the necessary precautions before the situation gets out of hand. Here are 10 warning signs that can help you know if your loved one is suffering from the disease:

  • Difficulty in carrying out everyday duties

If you have a routine that you follow day after day, there is not one day that you will forget one of the steps. A person suffering from Alzheimer’s disease tends to forget the simple things that you do on a daily basis such as making a phone call.

  • Confusing places and time

People suffering from Alzheimer’s disease often forget what day of the week it is and if they get to a certain place, they may not remember how to return home or how they got to that place.

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  • Memory loss

A person suffering from this disease will display general memory loss and forget information that they may have acquired recently. You will find that they forget important dates and keep asking for the same information repeatedly.

  • Problems with speech and writing

You may notice that when your loved one tells a story, once they pause they cannot finish the story, or keep repeating themselves over and over again. This is a sign that he/she may be suffering from this disease.

  • Withdrawing from work and social activities

People suffering from this disease become more passive; they avoid being around many people and even avoid taking part in their hobbies as they undergo these changes.

  • Change in mood and personality

You will notice that your loved one is not as jovial as they were or if they used to be withdrawn they become jovial. Their mood will often swing from happy to sad to anxious to depressed without any reason.

  • Misplace items easily

A person suffering from this disease will place an item somewhere and totally forget where they placed it. In the worst case scenario, they will accuse someone else of having stolen the item.

  • Decreased judgment

If you notice that your loved one is not keen on being well dressed and general cleaning up, Alzheimer’s disease is knocking.

  • Vision and visual problems

If your loved one is not able to tell one color from another and correct distance, he/she could be suffering from Alzheimer’s.

  • Planning problems

Persons suffering from this disease have a hard time planning and sticking to their plans.

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