10 Positive Quotes to Boost your Sales


Veronica Tan, Negosentro |   Any business depends on sales to prosper. However, selling can be challenging especially when trying to find new prospects. Anyone can be discouraged when they try to convert prospects into customers. 

You need motivation and inspiration. You can gain the motivation and inspiration from other successful people. Such people have experienced the same challenges that you are facing. Following how they made it can make your work easier.

We all experience bad days and those days we find ourselves with low motivation. The low motivation can significantly affect the sales which may lead to unnecessary anxiety and stress. These positive quotes will help you get back on track during the days that you don’t have motivation. 

  1.   Be a man of value instead of being a man of success

Don’t be obsessed with stats but instead be a good storyteller. Let your prospects know about their life story before and after becoming your customer. Let them know of the transformative value that they get. 

  1.   Get a ‘yes’ from a ‘no’ without going through ‘maybe’

List all the concerns that make your prospects to reply ‘maybe’ and specify why the concerns occur. When you know them clearly, the conversation to a yes will be easy. Most sales people get a ‘maybe’ and they know that they are close to a yes. 

  1.   What you do often make you. Perfection becomes a habit

Concentrate on habits and not goals. Your day should spend on incentivizing yourself for a repeat habit. You can make 50 calls in a day instead of investing on a pedestal. Develop a habit which you know that will help you achieve your goals. This way you will be concentrating on the actions and not the results. 

  1.   Someone who never gives up can’t be defeated

Concentrate on the bigger picture of sales strategy. You can easily get lost as you engage in day-to-day sales and you can easily lose track of where you want to be in the long run. Concentrate on the long-term goals and never give up.

  1.   Start working on actions to destroy anxiety

Make a list of the things you can do at the moment no matter how small it might be. It will help you get started. Be as specific as possible. For instance, if you want to call prospects, don’t just say the day you will call them. Specify the time you will call them. You can break down a large task into small tasks that can be handled easily. When you do so, you will achieve high motivation. 

  1.   Success can never be owned but it can be rented

Begin your day by making a huge payment in what you rent. Look at the qualities and skills that put you where you are now and redo them. List them and invest enough time for them each day. 

  1.   Specialize in one thing and do it over and over

What is the one thing that you have specialized on? Which technique or skill that you can master to boost your sales? Think about what you concentrate on so that you may not work on the wrong tasks or skills. 

  1.   Working in pressure can help a lot 

Have a collection of the successes that you can look back and know where you came from and why you should do better than that. Most people can easily move on after achieving their goal without appreciating their work. Take time to appreciate what you have achieved every day. It can be crucial especially where your sales team need fresh incentive and positive reinforcement daily. 

  1.   Don’t wait until you are forced to change

Name the one thing that you need to change if your life has to be in a better place. It can be something that you knew for a while but you have never done anything because there is no driving force that makes you feel the need to. Believe that the one thing will affect your career if you don’t do anything about it. 

  1.   You can only understand something well enough when you can explain it simply

Try to explain something in simple words to know if you understand it well enough. You can try explaining it to someone like your partner, parents or anyone from a different profession. Do they understand what you are saying? Can you answer any question that they ask? Can you simplify it further? 

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