10 Office Lobbies That Stand Out

Office Lobbies
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In the professional world, first impressions do matter. The manner in which one presents themselves makes a considerable difference in whether or not the individual chooses to do business with them. The same applies to companies and office spaces. The condition of the office and the presentation that one receives is incredibly important, which is why companies need to pay attention to the way their institution looks.

The reception or office lobby is one of the first places that people tend to see when they visit any kind of professional space. Because this is the first thing that one sees, it is incredibly important to have a good-looking space that showcases the company or business in a good light. The lobby can also set the tone of the company and can alter the perceptions that people have of a business.

The reasons why a business should always go in for a well-designed space are:

  1. It Helps Business Relationships

There is no doubt that having a well-designed office space can have a huge impact on the functioning of the business as a whole. For businesses that are looking to expand and enter into partnerships, having a good lobby can help make a good impression, thereby boosting the business relationships that a company has.

  1. It Encourages Employees

A company only succeeds because of the employees working at it, and employees should be able to have a nice space to come to work to. When employees see a well-designed lobby, they feel encouraged and happy to work in a good place, which then boosts their overall morale.

  1. Creates Better Space Management

One of the biggest problems that offices often face is the lack of space management. If an office has a smaller space, having a well-designed lobby can make all the more different because it can help make the entire place more functional while making it look good at the same time.


If you are looking out for ways in which you can improve your lobby, here are a few well-designed office spaces that have gained recognition, not only for their appearance but also for the functionality that they provide.

  1. Yelp, San Francisco

The Yelp office in San Franciso is one place that has been gaining a lot of attention for the well-designed office space that it provides. The office reception, in particular, is something that has been gaining a lot of attention because of the simple yet well-designed elements that encapsulate this place. Using tan and white, the office space not only looks inviting but also incredibly professional and well put together.

  1. Kaspersky Lab, London

Kaspersky Lab is one office that is particularly known for its futuristic elements coupled with elegant features that leave you amazed. This office was designed keeping in mind the high functionality that it would need, coupled with minimalistic elements that would make the space seem more in sync. The lobby is also a great example of how an office lobby should reflect the kind of company that it is.

  1. Spotify, New York City

Spotify’s lobby is just what you would expect from the music sharing giant. The lobby is fun, chic and gives off an incredibly relaxed feeling when you enter. The space is designed with a contemporary industrial vibe and uses a mix of colors to offset the greyscale used in its walls and tiles. The lobby uses wide spaces and has everything that one would need from this part of the office.

  1. Asana, San Francisco

Asana’s San Francisco office has been featured countless times in design magazines for the well-designed spaces that they have. The lobby of this office, in particular, is something that the company paid attention to, which is why it is so well designed. It uses simple elements in neutral tones to give off a warm and welcoming feeling into the company.

  1. Quora, Mountain View

When Quora was set to build one of their office spaces in California, they wanted their space to not only be highly functional but also relaxing for the people working there. The lobby, in particular, is one part of the office that seems incredibly inviting, while maintaining its professionalism at the same time.

  1. Google, Amsterdam

If you thought Google was a fun company to work at, wait till you see the design and layout of the company’s office in Amsterdam. The company lobby is one of the perfect showcases of how good furniture can improve the look of your room, and bring in the elements that it needs to stand out.

  1. Bumble, Austin

Bumble is a company that stayed true to the theme that it follows, especially when it comes to the offices that it has. The lobby of the office in Austin, in particular, is something that has caught a fair amount of positive attention, especially because of the well-designed reception desk and furniture that it boasts of.

  1. Instagram, New York

With the number of times, people seek inspiration from pictures they find on this social media platform, there is no surprise that the office too would definitely be Instagram worthy. While the Instagram office space might have the conventional reception desk and furniture, it also has a number of additional tech elements like a live feed greeting wall to enhance the look and feel of the lobby.

  1. L’Oreal. Paris

With L’Oreal being one of the biggest beauty brands in the world, there is no doubt that their office spaces would look good as well. The global company has french stylistic elements that make the lobby seem incredibly inviting, and also incredibly professional at.

  1. Edrington, New York

Edrington, being an international spirts company wanted a space that would reflect their brand, which is why they decided to go in for a well designed and sophisticated lobby. The company uses antique wooden accents to accentuate the look of the lobby and also the feeling that one gets when they step into it.

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