10 Important Essay Writing Skills You Need to Know

great essay Essay Writing Skills

Negosentro.com | Essay writing is a form of academic writing based on a questionable thesis which is supported by relevant evidence based on facts, theories, or research. Understanding basic guidelines to write an essay can help create valuable and convincing papers, even if you are under a deadline. With everything available online, today websites such as writemyessay.today makes essay writing customizable and easy. However here are a few important essay writing skills that you should know:

Reading: The more you read, the more you know. It’s easy to dive into the topic once your fundamentals are clear and narrowed down to bullet points which can be referred while writing essays.

Brainstorming: Organizing your thoughts and making notes before outlining the essay is a crucial part of essay writing. You don’t want to mess up your paper, making it a puzzle to the readers. Discussing your topics with others can also help in brainstorming and getting you many more feedback and ideas.  Make sure you can compare essay topics freely as well.

Using the right vocabulary: A good vocabulary will help you express your thoughts and ideas in a more clear and crisp manner. Building vocabulary and inculcating it in the essay writing can help you display your intelligence and make your essay more persuasive. Using a thesaurus, and reading lots of books can help you level up your vocabulary game.

Understanding of basic grammar and punctuation: If you want your paper to be taken seriously, grammar and punctuation need to be taken into consideration. Using active voice instead of the passive voice will make the tone of your essay stronger. Be sure about where to use a comma and full stops. Avoid usage of irrelevant words that don’t make any sense to your content.

Analyzing evidence: While you are outlining an essay, the main argument should always be in the background supporting the cause of the subject line. Always ensure your evidence supports your research. Evaluate your findings thoroughly so as to be able to back up your essay.

Using appropriate quotes: It is absolutely important to use relevant quotes to support your argument across the essay. This makes your essay more authoritative and firmer in the eyes of the reader.

Keeping a check on the format: There are several standard guidelines to format an essay, such as APA, MLA etc. Make sure you adhere to the instructions to avoid the last-minute hassle.

Managing word count: Many a times the writers either exceeds the word limit or falls short of it. You should be extremely careful to draft your essay well within the word limits to avoid any penalty.  

Concluding an Essay: This is where you tell readers what you wrote until now. Your conclusion will bind up all your research together to back up your essay. Don’t use vague and irrelevant conclusions to make your whole essay writing weakly worded. A conclusion should outline the evidence used in the body of an essay and directly match with the research to show how the evidence proves or disproves the supporting argument.


Review and re-edit: After preparing the first draft, always make sure to develop a practice to review and re-edit your entire essay in order to ensure your essay is free of grammatical errors and typos. Tools such as Grammarly is freely available for the same, and you can simply install it as a plugin.

Adhering to the above-mentioned skills you can help yourselves cut some slack in writing an essay. Writing essays can, of course, be a tricky business, but once you have a hands-on, it is no less than a piece of cake.

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