10 English Books for Beginners

10 English Books for Beginners
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Negosentro | 10 English Books for Beginners | Take a look at some of the 10 English book reviews for beginners of all time. A basic understanding and comprehension of English are required for these novels, but they shouldn’t be a problem for you. For those who are learning English for the first time, they’re ideal.

If there is one thing that allows you to escape reality, it is reading. Others give us quotes that have such a profound effect on us that we have them tattooed. As we read, we gain a deeper understanding of the world and develop new ideas. Following are 10 English books for beginners.

Charlotte’s Web – E.B. White:

All ages will like this novel. Despite being aimed at native English-speaking youngsters, many adults nevertheless consider this book one of their favorite reads. Some of these books are taught in schools worldwide as part of their national curricula, so there’s a good chance you’ll hear about them. If you’re a native English speaker, you’ve probably read this book.

Eleanor Coerr’s Mieko and the Fifth Treasure:

Aiming for young native English speakers, this book isn’t too difficult to read if you’re a beginner at English. This book is very well-known, yet it’s on a list of recommended reads anyway. ‘Mieko and the Fifth Treasure’ is fantastic since its brief. It will be a quick read with only 77 pages. As you learn about Japan and its culture, this book will keep you engaged.

With any Skill, Practice Makes Perfect:

English Conversation, published by McGraw-Hill, can help you improve your conversational skills while around English-speaking people. As a result of a series of sample dialogues, extensive explanations and practice exercises for situations such as:

  •         It is important to introduce yourself and others
  •         As well as expressing one’s thoughts and feelings
  •         Indicating what you want and need

The Outsiders, the author, S.E:

Short and sweet, this novel is great for EFL students. Modern themes and normal adolescent problems are explored. To grasp it, you don’t need a lot of contexts. Succinct sentences that are easily understood. As well, the vocabulary is quite simple. This book should be easy for you to read. It is the leading book from 10 English books for beginners.

Sandra Ramos’ apartment on Mango Street:

The House on Mango Street is a fantastic book since it’s engaging. It is written from the writer’s perspective. We sense the protagonist’s, and we’re able to relate to him. Because the phrases are so brief, it’s also easy to follow along with. However, you can typically understand them if you know the context in which they’re used. 

Reasons Why – Jay Asher:

Everything is short and easy to understand. This story is set in the present; hence the author uses basic grammar. It is a quick and easy book for ESL learners because of the fascinating grammar and brief paragraphs. Because it’s a New York Times best-seller, it’s well worth a read. In this work, the author tackles some serious themes. When it comes to summer reading, this is not the book for you.

Adventures of Peter Pan – J.M. Barrie:

Most people are familiar with “Peter Pan,” so this is a quick read. When the reader is familiar with a tale, he or she is more likely to understand it. Although this book is intended for children, it is nevertheless liked by adults all over the world! Mr. Darling reads bedtime stories to Peter every night at the Darling family home. In the window, he listens. Peter tries to flee one evening, and they see him. 

The Old Man and the Sea – Ernest Hemingway:

It is a well-known classic. Most native English speakers have likely read this book before. You should bring it up if you ever find yourself in a discussion about literature or books. However, it’s short, and you shouldn’t have too much trouble finishing it. What follows is an epic battle between an aged veteran angler and the best fish of all time.

Lois Lowry’s the Giver:

“The Giver” captures the reader’s interest from the very beginning. It has simple grammar. As a general rule, the grammar consists of past simple and perfect. Every sentence in the story is short, and there’s no ambiguity in the narrative. These are longer books. If you can complete it in a short amount of time, that is. A boy named Jonas. He has a very orderly and structured existence. 

Number of Stars:

Unacquainted with the history of the world wars and it’s not suggested. The book will not be as enjoyable if you spend too much time attempting to understand the facts. It’s based on actual events.

It’s easy to understand, unlike other historical books. For those who already know a lot about the Second World War, this book may be of interest to you. A story of courage and optimism. Denmark’s capital city was located in the year 1943.  


Many words must be mastered. It’s a good book if you’ve read a lot of English-language novels before, though. If you come across any fascinating new terms to learn, be sure to bring your vocabulary notebook along with you. The above 10 English books for beginners are mentioned. 


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