10 Digital Marketing Platforms to Skyrocket your Business

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Digital marketing is one of the leading trends in advertising in today’s world. There is no dispute on why digital marketing is important in bringing profits to a large number of companies and individuals.

Each agency and online marketing professionals have their own established techniques and tools. However, when you are in the online advertising business, at some point there are some platforms you have to use or at least try.

Below, we will discover our own selection of 10 best online digital marketing platforms: 


Hubspot is the pioneer in inbound marketing software that provides all the tools you need to improve, maintain and manage your online marketing strategy. Some of the features are:

Attracting leads by creating blog posts, infographics and different content that is engaging. It also helps you to optimize and distribute them across social media.

Converting leads by setting up converting landing pages and clear CTA buttons.

Collecting information about your newly arrived customers to gain the loyalty of the buyers.


Now a proud member of Salesforce, ExactTarget integrates many tools to control digital marketing strategies. ExactTarget services aim to improve and create easier relationships between brands and their respective consumers. Emailing, mobile, social and web marketing automation is included thanks to this multi-channel approach.

Clickfunnels or Kartra

Sales funnels are a big trend in 2019.

If you’re in need of creating a successful sales funnel for your business you may find yourself looking for an appropriate tool.

Both of these platforms provide just that, with some differences to keep in mind.


Marketo is a great marketing automation software designed for new businesses. Thanks to its many applications, Marketo helps you to save time and to create multi-channel campaigns. This software is made for flexible and not strictly defined online marketing strategies. It is easy to use, modern and extremely powerful, these are just some of the reasons why online marketing professionals use it.


Web CEO is one of the major SEO software for your SEO campaign reporting. Web CEO lets you search for keywords, optimize websites and monitor results. This software can automate SEO tasks and make it easier for teamwork. Moreover, Web CEO’s B2B solution helps your business to increase value to your CMS and to become their VIP partner with a great white label option. 


This SEO software is used by professionals to analyze and test keywords competition. By comparing traffic websites, checking keywords, SEMrush gives some user data for an SEO strategy. These functionalities can fulfill other information that you get from Google tools, such as Google keyword planner by acquiring related keywords and monthly research volume.

Google Trends

Google Trends lets you see the latest trends, data, and visualization from Google with a goal of finding out what’s trending near your location at a given moment.

Simply go over to the website and type keyword or an industry name you are searching for and hit “Enter”.

They also show you an interest by region on a map and any of the related queries.

So if you’re starting a business be sure to research competitors or creating a new campaign Google Trends is one awesome tool you can use! 


Buzzsumo is a tool for discovering content. It will analyze a certain topic or a competitor and tell you the content that performs the best.

If you’re having a writer’s block or want to get inspired about anything just type it in and you will get your answers.

You can even see who shared the content on Twitter and get in touch when you have yours ready.


If you’re an aspiring app developer or a marketing manager for a startup that works on applications, you need App Annie.

It is the best tool for tracking competitors in almost every app store in existence

One of the coolest features is the ASO (App Search Optimisation)

What it does it shows you where your app is ranking on a specific keyword in Google Play or Apple Store.


There it is, we’ve covered 10 platforms that will help you in establishing an impactful presence on a digital network. Did you use any of the mentioned above? Let us know by leaving a comment.

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