10 Most in Demand IT Jobs This Year


Peter Tool, Negosentro | People are more dependent on technology than ever before.  With our reliance on computers, tablets, and smartphones increasing, and new advanced technology being released consistently, IT jobs are on the rise.  In fact, IT jobs are expected to grow an impressive 22% from now until 2020.


If you are considering a job in the technology industry, but aren’t sure which field to get into, it’s time to explore the possibilities.  

Check out some of the most in-demand IT jobs of the year so you can see which career choice might be a good fit for you.

1. Software Engineer

Though often confused with being a programmer, the two are very different professions.  Programmers create the code that make computer programs run.  On the other hand, a software engineer builds off that code and applies design and additional functionality to the programs.

2. Computer Systems Analyst

Utilizing knowledge of both technology and business matters, computer system analysts aim to improve on existing computer systems, making them better for clients.  

Evaluating individual business’ computer systems, you will take note of things such as how the company uses technology and what software and networks can streamline their operations to work more efficiently and effectively.  

3. IT Manager

As an IT manager, you are responsible for staying up to date with all modern technological advances.  In addition, you help companies develop short- and long-term goals that address their current and future technology needs.

All organization need an IT manager, including financial and insurance companies, manufacturing firms, and federal/state/local governments.  

4. Web Developers

Web developers create everything on a website that site visitors see.  In fact, they are the creative minds behind the layouts, colors, graphics, images, and other special effects (such as animations) that are seen once you click on a webpage.

5. Computer Network Architect

Computer network architects are the ones that design, build, and maintain data communication networks such as the cloud – which surely you are familiar with.  In addition, they help build smaller intranets as well as local area networks (LANs) and wide area networks (WANs).

6. Database Administrators

Database administrators (DBAs) are experienced in using specialized software to store and organize sensitive data, such as financial information or customer shipping records.  In short, they ensure this personal data is available to users and stays protected from unauthorized breaches.

7. Information Security Analyst

Technology is vulnerable to malicious attacks at all times, especially if not properly protected.  And, while small-scale technology can be protected by the individuals using it, large scale corporations need professional help.  This is where and information security analyst comes in.

Planning and executing security measures for business computer systems and networks, the information security analyst helps protect against infiltrations, cyberattacks, and data breaches.  They also help respond to breaches when they occur.

8. Computer Support Specialist

This is the technology customer service position that helps organizations troubleshoot issues.  For example, login problems, operating system and software malfunctions, and even physical hardware repairs are addressed and resolved by a computer support specialist.

9. Computer and Information Research Scientists

Scientists are the masters of inventing things.  And, computer and information research scientists are no different.  In fact, they help invent and design new ways to approach new technology.  Plus, they develop new and exciting ways to use existing technology.

Studying and solving complex problems in the tech world, these specialized scientists work to help other industries such as business, science, and medicine fields.   

10. Software Developer

Software developers are the ones who design computer programs.  They help develop the popular web applications you use in your daily life that allow you to perform easy tasks from multiple devices such as your desktop, laptop, phone, or tablet.

In the end, a job in the IT tech world is something anyone interested in technology should consider.  And, since there are a variety of IT exam study materials to help you land your dream job available, you might find yourself raking in the dough as an IT professional, and growing with the industry, sooner than you thought.