10 Best Ways Social Media Managers can Operate during Coronavirus Crisis

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Negosentro.com | 10 Winning Ways how Social Media Managers can Pull through the COVID Phase | The pandemic has disrupted the world order in a way nobody could have ever imagined. From the global lockdown scenario impacting the livelihoods of millions to heartless sacking in corporate organisations, the world economy is under immense pressure and upheavals. So much so, even the students admitted to facing stringencies while seeking essay help.

According to reports, the domain of marketing and communication is said to be affected the most in many aspects. However, every adversity comes with a solution, as well.

If you are into digital communication and social media marketing, things might not necessarily be as dull as it appears to be. Social media managers have the potential to streamline the marketing funnel with absolute precision. If you want to crack the code and know how social media managers can operate seamlessly during this crisis, read through this blog.

Here’s everything you need to know.

  1. Keep analysing your social media performance remotely

Working from home or via remote access does not mean that you would simply stay logged in, without monitoring social media performances from to time. Here are some useful tips for analysing social media performance, directly from home.

  • You can always harness the potential of digital resources such as Sprout Social, BuzzSumo and Google Analytics to keep track of social media performances via remote access.
  • Do not pile up your projects. Instead, keep accomplishing short term goals, keep a check on your project status and strategies the next move accordingly.

Also, make sure that every team member is working uniformly, with strongly established communication among each other.

  1. Carry out video conferences regularly

Even though you all are working from home, it shouldn’t feel like working from home. I mean, things should be as disciplined and organised as they would have been in office. Being a responsible social media manager, you should keep in touch with your team members and their activities via video calls.

Here are some useful ideas on how you can carry out this task with perfection.

  • Leverage the potential of online video calling apps such as Skype, Zoom, WhatsApp Calling and the likes.
  • Try to bring the entire team together while the video call is on and ask each one of them regarding the status of the ongoing projects, the number of conversions till date and the likes.
  • Check and confirm that every single member of your team, including you, have a stable internet connection.
  1. Follow and keep track of social media trends

Being a social media manager, it is your primary responsibility to keep track of what’s going around.

On that note, here are some notable social media trends for you to follow while strategizing yours.

  • Better regulatory control and security
  • Personalisation on a global scale
  • Influencer marketing is the new tomorrow
  • Local market targeting will become more prominent and prevalent
  • There will be a surge in technology adoption on a global scale.

Simply keep track of more of such social media trends and evaluate each one of them while making a decision or setting long-term goals for your organisation.

  1. Keep up with the latest blogs on social media

Read through a multitude of social media blogs and journals. The more blogs you will read, the better will be your chances to gain competitive advantages over others.

Here are a few recommended blogs and journals for you to read and analyse.

  • The Customer Experience & Social Media Blog
  • Social Media Examiner
  • Buffer Blog
  • Social Media Explorer
  • The Journal of New Media & Society

Also, you can choose to move beyond these names and read through other write-ups on digital platforms such as Google Scholar and Research Gate.

  1. Recycle social media posts strategically

Recycling social media posts is equally important. If a couple of social media posts did excellent in the past, you should make it a point to recycle the same in a new avatar.

Here are some useful tips on how to recycle social media posts.

  • Turn blog snippets into Twitter cards.
  • Also, you can turn an already existing blog into discussion or Instagram poll.
  • Post some fun infographics of your most popular social media posts and blogs.
  • While recycling older posts, spice them up with GIFs, creative videos, catchy images and the likes.

Come up with interesting stories or trivia for each of your old social media posts.

  1. Train your team to hone the art of storytelling

Every single being on earth loves to listen to stories. Your audience is no exception. Although you would manage the team from home, that shouldn’t keep you away from streamlining such challenges.

Here are some useful suggestions.

  • You can assign your team creative exercises to solve.
  • Ask them to try their hands at story writing and social media essays.
  • Encourage your team for creative brainstorming and allow each member to flex their creativity across the different realm of social media management essentialities.
  1. Acknowledge social concerns through posts and messages

With the world is fighting against the odds of Coronavirus, things have truly taken a different turn altogether. From the massive downward graph of the global economy to a dip in the employment market, there are lots of adversities to deal with. Thus, a social media manager should not only focus on his/her organisation’s profit margin.

Instead, the person should be equally responsible for society and give away something extra as a token of acknowledgement and concern. Here are some ideas on the giveaway features you can introduce or talk about in your posts.

  • Introduce new freebies and talk about the same in your social media posts.
  • Spread awareness regarding COVID-19 and highlight how your organisation is taking active steps towards keeping up with the testing times.
  • Give away exciting merchandise and other premium benefits to your loyal customers in the form of a month’s free OTT platform subscription, rebates on placing orders via direct Facebook ad clicks and the likes.
  1. Keep strengthening your relationship with clients

Even though the pandemic has cut down on the practice of face to face communication, it shouldn’t stop you from following up with customers.

Take note of these suggestions and know how to strengthen your relationship with clients, despite all upheavals.

  • Once a product is sold, ask your client to provide feedback regarding the product experience on your social media page.
  • Go through the review and evaluate each declaration closely.
  • In case, the review appears to be negative, take criticisms positively and address client grievances instead of denying the escalation.
  • Urge your team to post client-friendly messages on social media platforms and send across tokens of appreciation from time to time.
  1. Use notifications to stay updated and well-informed

This is one essential point to be kept in mind if you wish to carry out social media marketing seamlessly through the COVID-19 phase. Simply posting messages or recycling old social media posts won’t help if you fail to stay updated with important notifications such as:

  • Maximum reach in a day or month
  • Fall or rise in your social media post visibility
  • Any form of buggy errors concerning your social media posts and the likes

You can use advanced apps such as Seesmic and SocialEngage, to update and view multiple social media networks and notifications and track day to day conversations about brands.

  1. Listen to your industry leaders and spokespeople

Lastly, you should keep an ear out for the industry leaders to hone the tactics of social media marketing from home.

Here’s how.

Sign up for social media podcasts like Marketing Over Coffee, The Science of Social Media, Masters of Scale and more.

Listen to the interviews of eminent social media marketing leaders like Saul Colt, Sallie Poggi and Chris Brogan.

Parting Thoughts

Now that you are aware of how to level up the game and make the best of social media marketing this year, gear up for the bigger tomorrow and win over all challenges like a pro. Focus on the end goal, train your team accordingly, establish strong communication to carry out home-based conversations, and voila, you are good to go.


Author Bio: Henry Howkins is an experienced assignment help expert, associated with the digital platform MyAssignmenthelp.com. In addition, he is a tenured digital marketer, working on behalf of a leading agency in Glasgow, the United Kingdom. During his time of leisure, you may find him spending quality time with friends and family.


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