YouTube Millionaires and Entrepreneurs Who Made It Big!


Homerun Nievera, Negosentro | Social media is not just a tool to get connected to your friends, colleagues etc. but lately has garnered a position of being a platform to earn some capital, in fact, a lot of wealth, leading someone to be entitled, an entrepreneur. It is solely because of the upsurge in the Internet marketing and online ventures in the last decade. Here in social media platform, merely a hobby can help you earn a million bucks. Writing blogs or creating YouTube videos, also referred as vlogs, Music Videos etc. on your favorite topic and interests can soon lead to followers and then into making money.

Though there is still a vast number of population devoid of the Internet, the good thing is, it is spreading its wings day by day and millions of people make searches for information. And here Social media has played a huge role in providing information in an informal way, which is more realistic as we see normal people giving us first-hand information.  There are multiple ways to earn money through these platforms. Here is an Infographic by Money-Pod, presenting the list of YouTubers and the celebrities who started their respective careers online and then have never looked back. They have acquired an enormous fan following while securing fortunes for a lifetime in a very short span.

via Money Pod:

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