You Can Still Get Highly Professional Product Photography Services on a Limited Business Budget — Here’s How


Peter Pearson, Negosentro |  Great photography sells. Fortunately, as a small business owner, you can still get professional grade photos of your products without destroying your bank account. The most important thing is to use the beautiful images to demonstrate to your customers the value of your products.

This article shows you how to achieve this on a limited budget. Whether you’re looking to rent out a studio or hire a professional product photographer Los Angeles, you can use the following tips to ensure that you invest your money in good services and get the most value.

Inspiring your customers through great product photography

As the cliché goes, a picture is worth a thousand words. We process a lot more information visually than we do through other media. It is however important to be clear about what you wish to communicate through the photographs. Marketers at leading brands know this all too well, which is why their products always appear to be a cut above the rest.

Here are a few examples to give you a good picture, so to speak, of the various approaches you can employ for your product photography.

Food and beverages

Textured backgrounds such as wood grain work effectively when it comes to food product photography. Contrary to what most people think, flat backgrounds are far from boring. Used together with a bold pop of color, you can use a flat textured background to grab your customers’ attention. Alternatively, you can use white backgrounds to direct all attention to your product.

With wine, you can choose to go for an exclusively white background combined with a close-up, straight or angular shot of the bottle to express personality. On the other hand, you can experiment with bold colors such as luxury black or cool aqua to leave a more impactful impression in your customers’ minds.


When working with cosmetics, a lot of experienced product photographers match the background with the type of products you’re selling. For example, smooth stone or marble textures can be a perfectly elegant background for products that have clean white packaging. Bright white backgrounds inspire excitement toward the beauty products displayed.


Among the best product category to demonstrate the value of good product photography are books. You can mimic the feeling of browsing through books in a bookstore by stacking several books. Angular shots also work well for books when combined with effects (e.g. shadows) and colors that either contrast or match the book cover.

Before you start

Before you set out to work with a professional product photographer Los Angeles to create product images for your website or Instagram feed, you need to ask yourself some important questions. First, what background are you interested in? Second, what are your competitors doing? And finally, what is your style?

Taking great shots of your products requires a good amount of planning rather than taking haphazard photographs. You might want to take a hint from your most successful competitors rather than reinventing the wheel. Then add a touch of your personal style to top it off.