Writing Product Descriptions that Sell Part 1


Ann Gabriel | Negosentro

One of the reasons why people refrain from going to online stores is because they are having second thoughts on buying products that they can’t hold physically. That is why it is so important that online store owners write great product descriptions to help buyers decide on making a purchase. This article will help you how to inform buyers about your products’ benefits and convince them to buy.

The online shopping landscape is now becoming competitive. A great product won’t guarantee you a sale.  Only a few stores are able to break even. If you are one of the few online store owners, who doesn’t even break even, then chances are, you are doing your online sales wrong. You must apply these tips to ensure that your products are far better than the competitors’.

 Identify your Market

Before writing that rockstar product description, take time to evaluate your customers’ needs, or create buyer personas of your ideal customers. It would be difficult to write product descriptions if you don’t have your target customers in mind.

A good product description is a consumer-focused examination of an item designed to persuade buyers to purchase it. This piece of marketing writing might include the product’s physical attributes, as well as key benefits, purpose, and pricing.

Next step is to find out the reasons why these personas would want to buy your product. After identifying these reasons, you can now create product descriptions that will explain why your products will benefit your target customers. Remember, the goal here is to create unique product descriptions for every buyer type.

Reward Buyers

Around 68.63 percent of online buyers abandon their cart. Online store owners are concerned about this, as this leads to revenue loss if not handled properly. Good product descriptions should entice customers to buy the products immediately.

One way to solve this is to reward shoppers by informing them that the deal is a special one and is expiring soon. You can actually send the buyer an email informing him / her that the product that he / she was eyeing at in your online store is only available for a limited time and quantity. Online sellers can motivate buyers to buy by telling them the the price will go back to regular price soon.

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