‘Contagious’ Author Jonah Berger to Lead Manila’s Brand Boot Camp 2015


Battle for consumer attention is the real deal for Marketers. The dilemma is how to connect with a highly democratized market while keeping an eye on competition. How can marketers, brand managers and business owners be able to create and maintain a relationship with their fast-evolving consumers who have too many options? The key is to understand how their brand fits into consumers’ lives by immersing deeply into their motivations and needs, and clearly defining their brand promise.

This challenge opened the need for a public training program that would focus solely on brand-building. Last year, over 200 participants from multinational and local companies gathered in an intensive learning event that equipped them with integral marketing skills and insights to carry back to their work place. This year, the doors are once again open for marketing practitioners to immerse themselves in the why’s and how’s of brand-building. Brand Boot Camp 2015 is a conference-workshop that promises its participants a highly engaging experience that will allow them to get the fundamentals of brand building right.

Brand Boot Camp 2015 was designed for brand managers and business owners across industries who wish to learn or further enhance their brand-building skills in today’s competitive market.

Acumen Brand Strategy Consultancy, a brand consulting group of seasoned marketers, Salt & Light Ventures, one of the top organizers of learning events for managers and leaders; and IPG Mediabrands, one of the biggest global marketing and advertising holdings company envisioned the said event.

Contagious by Jonah Berger

The 2-day conference-workshop will be headed by a plenary presentation of Jonah Berger, famed Wharton School marketing professor and New York Times bestselling author of Contagious: Why Things Catch On, also named as Best Marketing Book of 2014 by American Marketing Association. Jonah will share his groundbreaking research on why some brands are talked about while others are not, and what makes makes online content go viral.

brand boot camp session

Next session will be an exclusive access to the first-hand research presentation by Acumen on Consumer Portraits and Brand Love Stories of four Filipino consumer groups: Gen Z, Millennials, Moms and Silver Market. The consumers’ thoughts and feelings, their defining traits and what makes them fall in and out of love with brands will be presented.

On Day 2, participants will attend Breakout Sessions focused on their target market and industry (packaged goods or services). The breakout sessions will let participants learn how to build strong brands and how to build strong relationships with their target consumer.

brand boot camp speakers

The Breakout Sessions will be facilitated by the Acumen’s powerhouse faculty who are all seasoned brand-builders: Pauline Fermin, Cherry Daniels, Eileen Araneta, Barbara Young, Gold Tantoco, Benjie Jimenez, Nadine Cariño, Chelet Tanjuatco and Glenn Glinoga.  Their marketing experience combined is an impressive list of locally and globally successful brands like Coke, Samsung, Dove, Knorr, Vaseline, Jollibee, Greenwich, Lysol, Baileys, Pantene, Olay, Nestea, Sunsilk, Century Tuna, Pepsi, San Miguel Beer, Tide and Surf, just to name a few.

Through its practical and in-depth approach, participants will learn the step-by-step of uncovering consumer insights up to measuring brand effectiveness from Philippine and global case studies. Attendees will not only discover what works, but also the pitfalls to avoid.

As what Pauline Fermin, Managing Director of Acumen had said, “Today, more than ever, there’s a greater need for brands to be very deliberate in their strategy to be able to cut through the clutter and stand the test of time. “How can my brand be preferred over others?  How can I ensure repeat purchase and loyalty?  Where do I even begin in defining the core promise of my brand?  How can I get my target to love my brand?” and other questions like these are what we want trainees to be able to answer at the camp.”

Get the fundamentals of brand building right. Build stronger and long-lasting brands.  Join the Brand Boot Camp 2015, October 22-23 at SMX Aura Convention Center.

Visit the website at www.brandbootcamp.com for details on how to join the conference-workshop.

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