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All About Working at Heights Safety Training Courses

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Joel Borthwick, Negosentro |  Working at heights is just not a job, but in the literal sense, it is a very precautious job. One wrong step and the worker may not just put his life but can put his co-worker’s life into a great danger as well. All mega constructions such as bridges, towers, poles or highways require working at heights. Nowadays, one has to follow all safety measures and rules before putting their workers into a dangerous environment, but what about the olden days?

We often see hefty moving ladders and platform, carrying construction workers to terrifying heights. Yet these workers seem to be so busy and dedicated to work even at such heights. That’s because of the working at heights course programs they go through, before being employed for such cautious job. The pre-training of every level of this profession educates the workers to be more cautious, aware and focused.

These courses are not just limited to the workers, but the employers have to be trained too. Employers are not trained to skiing around the buildings, but a little training is beneficial.  Now, this is called a perfect team work.

Employer’s Specific Training Courses:

The days of commands by ‘brutal’ employers are long gone. Now, they are also needed to be trained about the regulations and precautions they must follow, before even planning to make workers do their jobs. The employers have to learn as to what kind of workers’ training is mandatory and is applicable to which nature of the job. They get to know about the safety systems, its importance and how crucial and beneficial these systems are.

Worker’s Specific Training Courses:

Worker’s training course is a vast area of the training schedule, where workers are taught about the nature of the job, their safety, preventive measures, crisis situation, equipment training, safety systems training, team work, restrictions and regulations, and laws. The workers are trained and finally tested on both practical and theoretical terms, which in most countries, is a mandate law. The certified workers are the only eligible ones chosen for working at heights. The working at heights course programs cover every aspect of levels of the job and prepare the workers for the real-world task in every possible way.

  1. Height safety course includes theoretical and practical training material regarding the safety laws, regulations, precautions, standards, environments, kind of heights and safety equipment. It is the most basic and necessary training every worker must undertake before working at heights on any construction site.
  2. Protection training course includes the mandates of the safety systems that are necessary for working at heights. Practical training of usage of the protection systems such as safety nets, safety belts, fall preventive systems and travel blockage systems, ultimately, make workers understand as to how to save themselves from a May day situation.
  3. Working at heights course talks about the work you are dealing at such a great height. It includes training in usage of moving platforms, scaffolding, safety harness and moving stationary ladders. This also deals with training individual workers about the kind of job that they are going to perform. For example, building glass washer worker will have a total separate training from an electric pole worker. The working at heights course establishes a sense of awareness amongst the workers about the real nature of the job.
  4. Rescue procedures training course is important training program workers go through. Here, they learn the important steps they must adopt in times of crisis. They are made to understand as to how any small negligence may lead to the cause of unwanted situations at a construction site. Although mostly experienced workers carry out the rescue task in the real world, in this case, every worker is trained for such situations.  
  5. Refresher training course is a re-training program, which is a mandatory course that needs to be taken when you complete a certain period of your previous training. Every working at heights course certificates is valid for a finite time period and needs renewal. But, the good part is that because of this, workers get training about updated laws, new safety standards, new safety systems and new methods to carry out this crucial job.