WordPress Hosting: How to choose the best and most suitable one

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WordPress Hosting: How to choose the best and most suitable one | As a blogger, there is a key moment in the beginning. It is about that moment when you have to choose a wordpress hosting and you are not very clear about which one to choose. With this post, we will try to help you make the right decision.

It is often a very important decision that in case of not doing it well it will bring us more than one problem and what is worse, it can even make us not grow as we should with our web project.

So, and putting ourselves in the situation, surely you are in one of these situations:


Where to start to choose WordPress Hosting

The first thing to know when choosing a good hosting for your WordPress project is that it is not a special application nor does it have requirements that any other tool developed in PHP + SQL may also need.

This makes it possible to run on a wide variety of servers with different configurations, or with more or fewer resources. From here comes the importance of knowing your project and your expectations well before choosing the ideal hosting.

WordPress is so versatile that even being the same cms, a project can differ enormously from another and its requirements in processing capacity, storage capacity and projection are completely different.

A little scary? Well, it shouldn’t. Most hosting companies have good plans to host WordPress and they care that the base is solid and the technology is optimized to give a correct performance and thus. Only choose based on the particularities of your project.

A big mistake when it comes to hosting a WordPress project is to leave the issue of speed only in the hands of the hosting. Big mistake, since the difference that a slightly better hosting can give you, can be cancelled with. For example, a couple of extra WordPress plugins or larger images of the account. This is where one of the great assets of hosting comes into play: technical support.


Technical support in WordPress hostings

Good hostings have the support that will help you configure your WordPress correctly and they will not just keep the server active. They are also usually a bit more expensive but it is worth it.

Do not rule out hosting because it does not have telephone support and it is based on chat or tickets, since the response is fast and by specialized technicians.

Take, for example, Godaddy, which has telephone support, but many times you leave without the solution to your problem. In our case, we have extensively tested SiteGround and Raiola hostings, both with fast and professional technical support


What characteristics do we have to look at when choosing the server for our WordPress?

The technical characteristics of WordPress hosting are those that will allow hosting a more complex, larger or more visited website, in addition to facilitating certain tasks.


Process capacity

There is no standard measure to measure the global processing capacity since it is a characteristic that depends on several values, the most important are, CPU and RAM and it will be your project that will require more or less.

A newly created project, without a visual builder and with a low level of visits, will not need more than a basic plan to function.


However, every time we raise the values ​​of certain variables, these needs will increase.

More concurrent visits, more visual complexity (sliders, transitions, animations), more functionalities (contact chats, eCommerce, calculators), editing aids (Composer, Elementor), or any general plugin, will make us need more processing capacity.

How do we know what processing capacity we need?

A priori it cannot be known exactly, but for a first approximation, we can look at the expected concurrent visits, since a website with few views, no matter how loaded it is with functionalities, will hardly saturate a server.

In the case of anticipating many visits because we have strong PPC / social campaigns in mind, it is best to hire an intermediate hosting, and above all, have the web well optimized, since the plans can be easily expanded.

The true measure of our process need will be given to us by the server itself, since the control panels offer the graph of CPU and RAM usage, it is not necessary to wait for the web to stop going.

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